Embossing Clear Scraps Clear Shapes for Layouts and Cards

Vintage Sisters Layout for Clear Scrap by Sue Eldred using Clear Shape Flowers

Did you know that you can emboss Clear Scraps Clear Shapes?   (I didn’t until recently.)

Smile Card for Clear Scraps Sue Eldred July 2014

For my “Vintage Sisters” layout and “Smile” card, I started with a Clear Shape Flower.

To make the Flower:

  • I used my Big Shot and a Swiss Dot Embossing Plate to emboss my flower.
  • I dabbed Antique Linen Distress Paint on the front of the flower  (raised dot)  and Victorian Velvet Distress Paint on the back side of my flower.

Have a Creative Day!


Summer Distractions

Summer Collage 2014

Summer always goes so fast for me.

It’s always around this time in the Summer that I start wondering what I’ve done.

That’s why I’m glad I take a lot of pictures, so I can look back and remember.

No, we didn’t take a big family vacation.  But, we’ve been busy just the same.

33 games of baseball, picnics in the park, swimming whenever the weather

was warm enough, a couple of out of state week-ends trips, unexpected home repairs

and general laziness.

I guess that’s what summer’s really all about.   Enjoying life as it happens.

TBT: Serendipity Stamps Heart Scroll Card

Heart Scroll Card

This morning I was going through my Pinterest Made by Me Board and changing the

web address on several of my old pins.

The Heart Scroll Card was one of my first pins from a few years ago and I thought I’d share again.

The card uses the Heart Scroll Stamp from Serendipity Stamps.

The heart image was embossed with white embossing powder and shaded after embossed

with pink ink.  Simple and Elegant.

Serendipity Stamps also has a thin metal die that matches the heart stamp.

If you’re a stamper and you’ve never checked out their stamps and dies you really should.

A great company to work with.  www.serendipitystamps.com.

Burlap Fabric Blog Hop

Burlap Pouches

I recently got the opportunity to play along with a group of Designers using some fun burlap products.

I really love working with burlap.  So many ideas, too little time.  Here’s a few of the many things you can make using burlap.

Decorated Muslin Bag w vase

My first project is a simple and elegant idea for decorating a plain muslin bag.

muslin pouch and stencil tools

  1. Start with a plain muslin bag.
  2. Lay diamond stencil over the bag and secure in place with removable tape.
  3. Stipple over the stencil with white acrylic paint.
  4. Adhere a 1 1/2″ strip of burlap around center of bag.
  5. Glue a thin piece of white lace around the bottom of the burlap strip.
  6. For the heart:  Paint a small piece of red burlap with several coats of white acrylic paint, creating the nice soft pink color.
  7. Cut burlap with heart die.
  8. Adhere sheer pink rosette ribbon onto pink heart and glue onto front of muslin bag.
  9. Cut and Decorate a small tag.

Burlap Utensil Holder 2

The Burlap Utensil Holder uses the 3 1/2″ navy striped burlap ribbon.

  1. Cut a 12″ strip of burlap ribbon.
  2. Fold over one end of the ribbon approx. 1/2 end and glue using a good Fabri Tac glue.  I used small metal binder clips to secure the ribbon in place while drying.
  3. Create a 4″ pouch by folding and gluing ribbon.  (love those binder clips)Glue a piece of 1 1/2″ burlap ribbon around pouch.
  4. Glue lace over burlap ribbon and tie with a piece of cream crinkle ribbon.
  5. Embellish with a flower and stick pin.
  6. Add a napkin and utensil and your ready to go.

Love Burlap??? 

Make sure to join the Burlap Blog Hop by clicking on the Designer Craft Connection Logo.

And for a Chance to Win $100 worth of Fun Product.

burlap fabric

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Beach Party Dessert

A perfect little Beach Themed Dessert for your Summertime Parties.

Beach Party Dessert

I decided to make this fun little treat for our 4th of July cook-out last Friday night.

I didn’t come up with this cute idea.   I found it online.  (I wish I could give proper credit.)

It’s really fast and easy to make.

  1. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to vanilla pudding for the water.
  2. Crush up vanilla cookies for the sand.
  3. Add a piece of flattened candy for the beach towel.
  4. Place a Teddy Graham sunning on the towel
  5. Add a drink umbrella for shade.

I had the hardest time finding little drink umbrellas.  After trying two stores, I decided

that I’d just make my own.  For my umbrellas, I used a 3″ scalloped circle punch and cut a

notch half way up into the circle.  Just glue the ends together.

For the pole, I used approximately half of a bamboo skewer.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

This Spring I planted one of my pots with a red white and blue theme.

I thought it was a fitting prop for my Patriotic Star.

What a perfectly beautiful day.

Today’s Plans: 

Relaxing, Cook-out with family and then off to the Fireworks tonight.

Happy Birthday America!

Baby Birds

Look who I saw peeking out of my hanging basket this morning.

Almost ready to leave the nest.

Sometimes in life a little H20 must fall?

I like my blog to be light-hearted, a positive creative place where you can go to

get a little creative inspiration and maybe even a little chuckle from time to time.

I like to keep it light.

I try to be a positive person and most of the time I think I am.

But… today since I’m not feeling quite as inspired or as positive I thought I’d share the

reason why.  (I’m still trying to look at all the positives)

Tuesday night after returning from a baseball game.


I went upstairs to find this.


Three weeks ago, we broke down and finally decided to replace the 25 plus year old

air conditioner for the upper level of the house.  (not an inexpensive purchase)

Something on the unit malfunctioned causing a leak, the pan underneath the unit which has

the safety that should have shut the machine off didn’t work.  (insert long technical explanation)

Of course, the company is extremely apologetic and are doing everything they can to make it right.

But currently, the unit malfunctioned again last night.  There is more water and they are

cutting more ceiling as I type.  Still I’m trying to remain positive.

Here are the reasons I’m trying to stay positive:

  1. No one was in the room at the time.
  2. No one got hurt.
  3. We weren’t asleep in the bed.  (which would have gave me a heart attack, I’m sure)
  4. We weren’t on a weeks long summer vacation. (can you imagine that scenario?)
  5. They had someone come out right away.
  6. They started the restoration process the same night.
  7. I have a spare bedroom that I can sleep in.
  8. I have a separate air conditioning unit in the lower level.
  9. We still have a home and a roof over our head.  (In my community that’s a big deal!)
  10. Things could always be worse.

Life Happens, Crap Happens!


(Here is my bedroom as of yesterday)

I’m just trying not to let it get to me.  Even though it’s going to get real hot today and I can’t work in my studio.  Still, I have every confidence that the problem will get fixed and everything will work out fine.  I’m just a little sleep deprived with all those giant fans blowing constantly in the next room.

So stay cool out there today and try to have a great day.  (I may just float in the pool)

Thanks for letting me vent.


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