The New Deflecto Design Team

Deflecto Design Team Picture 2015-2016

I have a bit of fun news to share with you today….

I will be continuing with the Deflecto Craft Solutions Design Team for another year.

This year there are several new faces.  I look forward to getting to know these girls and seeing all

the wonderful new projects that’ll be heading your way.

Check out their blogs:  (leave a comment and tell them Sue sent you)

Happy Friday!

Summer Reading with “A Sweethaven Summer”

Sweethaven Summer

At 12:30 in the morning I finally put the book down. 

I told my daughter-in-law just the other day… This is why I don’t read more.

Whenever I start a new book, I have to finish it in a day or two no matter what the time is.

A Sweethaven Summer is a book that I’ve been planning on reading for a few years now.

When the book came out in 2012 and everyone was talking about it…

I pinned the cover on my Pinterest Page as “books I want to read”.

Being that the book is about a girl who’d just lost her mother, the timing was too soon.

The book is written by Courtney Walsh who also happens to be a scrapbooker.  (how cool is that)

A Sweethaven Summer is a sweet easy read with a little romance, memory keeping, mystery and faith.

Inside the book

As Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow would say…

“Don’t just take my word on it.”

This is what was written on the inside of the book.


I requested the book at my local library or you can purchase one of your own on Amazon*.


A Sweethaven Summer  A Sweethaven Homecoming A Sweethaven Christmas


*Disclosure:  I am a Amazon Affiliate.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 8205

Have you read the story of the little caterpillar that ate and ate and ate?

And then turned into a beautiful butterfly?  (spoiler alert)

the hungry caterpillar

My project was based off the book The Very Hungry Caterpillarby Eric Carle.

the very hungry caterpillar 08216

Here’s what you’ll need to make the Caterpillar:

  • Six- 2″ Smoothfoam Balls
  • Sanding Block or Very Fine Sanding Paper
  • Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paint:  Olive Green, Sea Aqua, Watermelon Slice, Marigold, Brown
  • Paint Brushes
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • White Craft Glue
  • Craft Knife
  • Mod Podge


  1. Lightly Sand the ridge around the middle of the Smoothfoam ball.
  2. To help the caterpillar sit and not roll.  Cut a slightly flat side in two of the balls.  Use them as your first and last green balls.
  3. Paint five balls with Olive Green and Sea Aqua acrylic paint.  For added dimension, stipple or sponge the opposite color on the balls.
  4. Paint the last ball with the Watermelon Slice acrylic paint.  Add a cute little face.
  5. Cut a bamboo skewer into 1″ pieces.  Connect the balls together using the skewers and white craft glue.
  6. Cut the tip off of two skewers and paint brown.  Insert into the top of the caterpillar’s head.
  7. Paint a coat of mod podge to seal the paint and give a shiny finish.

How to Etch a Mason Jar…

Etched Mason Jar 8856

I love the look of daisies in old blue canning jars.  It just says summertime.

It’s simple, beautiful and it makes me happy.

I recently got the opportunity to work with a new product, etching crème from Etchall®.

While looking around for something to etch, I noticed the daisies sitting on the table.

Hmmm…Wouldn’t that look great with a etched flower and a greeting?

It’s a super simple project.  (just how I like it)

Etched Mason Jar Supplies 8819

Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Clean jar to remove all dirt, fingerprints and oil.  Dry with a coffee filter, paper towel, or lint-free cloth.
  2. Apply Stencils to jar.  Burnish the edges of the stencil.  You’ll want to make sure no edges are coming up.
  3. Mask around the stencil with removable painters tape for extra surface protection.
  4. Apply a heavy coat of etchall® etching crème to the masked area of the stencil.
  5. Leave etching crème on design for 15 minutes.  After etching time has elapsed, use the squeegee to return the crème back into the original container for later re-use.
  6. Rinse etched surface with hot water to remove any remaining crème. Remember to keep crème away from porcelain sinks or ceramic tiles.

Mason Jar with Stencils 8839Mason Jar with Stencils and Masks 08841Mason Jar with Etching Creme 8842

             Step #2                                        Step #3                                      Step #4


Etched Mason Jar Close Up 8858

The etched flower looks subtle against the water in the blue jar.   I like it.

Thank you to Etchall® for providing the product to work with.


*Disclosure:  I am a Amazon Affliate.


Crafting with Office Supplies

crafting with office supplies 2 07793

When you think of crafting do you ever think office supplies?

Would you believe…

the “be happy” sign, which is now sitting happily on my fireplace mantel,

started out as a office name plate holder.

A few stickers, chipboard letters, washi tape and voila a happy little reminder.

There are surfaces everywhere just waiting to be embellished.

Name plate 2

This months second Designer Craft Connection Manufacturer Challenge is being sponsored

by Deflecto Craft Solutions.

Deflecto Office Bins 08078

Did you know that Deflecto Craft Solutions have a variety of storage cubes?

Great for markers, paint, tags and embellishments….

The are available as two drawer, four drawer, X divider and open.

They stack together with clips for a custom system.

They are available on Amazon* and other online retailers.


To start the blog hop and see what the other designers have created.

DCC image

Click on the Designer Craft Connection Logo on my right side bar to start.



*Disclosure:  I am a Amazon affiliate.

If you click on the picture links above and place an order with Amazon, I will get a very small commission.


Craft Ideas Fall 2015

Craft Ideas Fall 2015 cover

I’m So excited….

I have two projects in the latest issue of Craft Ideas magazine.

A Back to School Announcement Board on page 11 and a simple Back to School Card on page 53.

You can see the instructions for the Back to School Announcement board here on Craft Ideas.

Craft Ideas Fall 2015 8474

Make sure to pick up your copy.


Colorful Chalkboard Frame for Kids (or grownups)

Funky Pallet Frame 8798

Since I’m feeling a little creative on this beautiful sunny Sunday…

I decided to finish painting this colorful Rustic Pallet Frame that I started working on yesterday

evening.  As the name suggests, the frame is rustic and somewhat rough.

Because I was planning on stenciling on it…  I sanded the front of the frame to make it smoother.

I wasn’t worried about making it completely smooth.


The Colorful Chalkboard Frame would be a great project to make with the kiddos.

Funky Pallet Frame painted 8792

Directions to make the Colorful Chalkboard Frame:

  1. Sand the front of the frame.
  2. Paint the frame with white acrylic paint.
  3. Paint the top of each pallet section with different acrylic colors.  Sort of a modified rainbow.
  4. Because the stencil had four unique patterns, I decided each color needed its own pattern.
  5. Mask off each section of the wood before stenciling.
  6. Stencil using a stipple brush and white acrylic paint.
  7. Allow to dry completely
  8. To mute to colors:  Lightly sand the frame with a sanding block.  (optional)
  9. For an added sheen:  Apply clear crème wax to front of frame, allow to sit for one hour and buff.
  10. I added a small chalkboard to the inside of the frame.

Funky Pallet Frame Supplies

Supplies Used:


*Thanks to Walnut Hollow and DecoArt for providing the materials used on this frame.


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