Happy Cards for a Happy Day…

Yesterday was such a lovely Spring day. 

The sun was shining, the birds were singing.

My teenage son wanted to go out with me for dinner!

You know… a “Happy” kind of day.

So a good day deserves some “Happy Day” cards.

Smile 3895

Cards to make you “Smile”. 

Hello Friend 03902

Happy Birthday 3889

Let's make a memory 3906

And… if you like these cards and would like to make a set for yourself, we will be making these cards in my “Happy Day Cards” class that I’ll be teaching in May at The Paper Forest.

Happy Day Cards

Enjoy life’s little moments with cards made from the Happy Days Collection from Pebbles Inc.

Saturday, May 30th


Cost:  $20.00

Contact The Paper Forest at 309-745-3440 for more information or to sign up.

Supplies Needed:  Scissors, Paper Trimmer, Tape Runner, Foam Mounting Squares



Glittered Bunny Egg

Smoothfoam Glittered Bunny Egg 3257

Are you ready for Spring?

Warm Weather, Pretty Flowers and Sweet Little Bunnies and Easter Eggs.

My project today’s is a Sweet Glittery Little Bunny made from a Smoothfoam Egg.

Bunny Parts and Supplies 3178 Glittered Bunny Egg 3224

To Make the Glittered you’ll need:

  • Smoothfoam Egg
  • Smoothfoam Sheet
  • Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
  • Sanding Block or File
  • Small White Pom Pom
  • Craft Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Cream Paint, Paintbrush
  • Glitter
  • Small Heart Brad, Brown Micro Brads, Pink Paint Pen, Fine Black Marker
  1. Cut two bunny ears from the smoothfoam sheet
  2. Lightly sand Smoothfoam egg and bunny ears.
  3. Glue ears onto Smoothfoam egg.
  4. Paint with cream paint.  Paint inside of the bunny ears pink.
  5. Cover the entire bunny with a thin coat of mod podge and sprinkle with glitter.
  6. Insert micro brads for the eyes and heart brad for the nose.
  7. Draw small mouth with fine black marker.


Click on Image for ordering information from Amazon*.

How to make an Up-cycled Watering Can Wind Chime…

Up-cycled Watering Can Windchimes 3679

My Version of turning Lemons into Lemonade.  (sorry Jim)

Christmas Water Can 1233

On my Birthday, a couple of years ago, my husband wanted to make my day special and

shower me with lots of little gifts.  Of all the places to shop, he choose to shop at a outlet

store in Southern Missouri that was filled with things that I wouldn’t have sold even when

I had my gift store in the 90’s.  (he’s no longer allowed to shop there)

This Christmas watering can was one of those gifts.

I honestly thought it was a gag gift.  (I may or may not have laughed)

I ran across it again when putting away my Christmas Decorations this past year.

Instead of throwing it out or giving it to Goodwill I thought I’d repurpose it into

something I would use.

Shabby Watering Can Supplies 01328

My Shabby Watering Can Wind-chime


  1. Re-purpose a old decorative watering can by taking off the paper covering. Soak in water if necessary.
  2. Sand to remove any additional paper and to make smooth for painting.
  3. Spray-paint watering can and keys with cream paint.
  4. Puddle silver ink onto a piece of scratch paper by pumping the nib. Use the tip of your finger to rub ink directly onto watering can around edges to highlight and distress.
  5. Mask off the center of decorative stencil with blue painter’s tape, lay onto watering can.
  6. Rub silver paint onto stencil as in step #4.
  7. Wind thin wire around the end of a piece of twine. Insert wire into the holes in the spout and pull through to the inside of the can. Repeat for however many keys you plan on using.
  8. Gather the ends from inside the can and tie them altogether in a knot. Pull the opposite ends to bring the knot back through the spout. (The ends will now be hidden.)
  9. Tie keys on to end of each piece of twine.
  10. Glue bird inside of nest.
  11. Glue bird-nest inside of the watering can.
  12. Add adhesive pearl to decorative accent on side of the can.

Best for covered porches or decorative use.

Keys 3699  Bird's Nest 3701

Before you throw me under the bus…

I’m really not an ungrateful, insensitive person.  (really I’m not)

I love and appreciate my husband very much.  He’s the greatest!

(Phew…these are the days I’m glad he doesn’t read my blog)


Spring Bling for your Garden

Spring Bling for your Garden 3640

Add a little Spring Bling to plain boring terra cotta pots.

With Spring Fever setting in, I decided I needed a new flower to perk up the place.

I chose a pretty little African Violet that reminds me of my grandma.  (Grandma loved African Violets.)

In no time at all, armed with a few simple products, I transformed a boring terra cotta pot into

something sparkly and fun.  Just what I needed.

Spring Bling 3596

 To make my Spring Bling Pot you’ll need:

  1. Start with a 4 1/2″ Terra Cotta Pot painted with black acrylic paint.
  2. Cut Black Damask tissue paper the width of the lower portion of the pot.  Cut the strip into smaller sections.  (my sections were 2 3/4″ x 1 1/2″)
  3. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to a small section of the pot, add tissue paper and apply another layer of Mod Podge over tissue.
  4. Continue adding tissue sections until the bottom of the pot is covered.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the top of the pot to give it a nice shiny finish.
  6. Cut a strip from the Black Crystal Sheet to fit around the rim of the pot.
  7. Glue crystal sheet onto rim of the pot.
  8. Glue vintage button over seam for added sparkle.
  • FYI:  I could of used the Weldbond glue shown in the picture above which is a good permanent glue.  But, because of the weight of the crystals I decided to use my Quick Grip glue instead.

Spring Bling 3606  Spring Bling 3607

My Spring Bling Pot is part of a Blog Hop put on by Connie Crystal.

connie crystal logo

To continue on the Connie Crystal Blog Hop…

DCC image 

look for the Designer Craft Connection Logo on my right sidebar to start hopping.

Vintage Home Sweet Home Layout

Home Sweet Home 3088 Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more people using embossing paste on their scrapbook layouts.

Hmmm…. I haven’t used embossing paste in years.

Matter of fact… my jars of embossing paste are over 10 years old.  (and still good)

So, I thought I’d give it a try with a simple layout and this old house picture.

Quick, Simple and adds a subtle punch to this layout.  I think I like it.

Embossing Paste Border 3092

Using embossing paste is easy: 

  • Lay stencil onto cardstock, fix in place with removable masking tape.
  • Apply a thin layer of embossing paste over the stencil using a palette knife.
  • Remove stencil and allow time to fully dry.
  • Make sure to clean embossing paste off stencil right away.
  • It’s as easy as icing a cake.

Products Used:

Click on the pictures above for more information through Amazon*

What do you treasure?

What do you treasure 3165

I gave Nicholas an old cigar box to use while he was working on one of “his projects”.

As I was getting ready to put away all his treasures, I was struck by all the bright colors

and the little trinkets in the box.  (So I took this picture.)

When you’re four you need to collect a lot of things.

I’m a few years older than four and I still collect a lot of things.

I’ve often thought, if I only had 20 minutes to grab my most valuable possessions,

what would my treasures be?

Besides my family of course, I’d grab the clock that my parents gave us as a wedding present,

a few pieces of sentimental jewelry and my photo’s and photo albums.

Oh…and maybe the baby books.  (but, I wasn’t too good at filling those things out.)

You see, all those other things are just stuff.

Clothes, furniture, etc…they can all be replaced.

My photo’s are a different thing, they are my treasures, my memories.

So why do I have most of the photo’s from the last several years still on my computer?

Good question.

With my digital camera’s I easily take 25 times more pictures than I took before.

Instead of taking one more picture for good measure, I take 12.

The more pictures you take the better chances of getting that perfect shot. Right?

The problem:

Once I received my first digital camera, I stopped regularly printing pictures.

Unless I was working on a special project or giving them away as a gift,

I never seemed to get around to it.

I currently live in fear of my laptop crashing and losing all my precious photos.

I should back them up on my external hard-drive.  (and I do, sometimes)

So here’s my goal for 2015:

To go through the last few years of pictures and print them out.  (maybe even put them in an album)

I don’t want to risk the chance of losing them forever.

So if you’re in the same place as me…

Print them out!

I use Shutterfly* a lot for printing and photo books and they always have a deal going.

New Customers get 50 free 4″ x 6″ prints for just opening up an account.

Shutterfly Free Stuff

But I should let you know…

If you decide to click on the above picture and just happen to place an order,

I will receive a very small commission.

So… wherever you decide to take your pictures, it really doesn’t matter.

Just as long as we print them out.

Tattered Tangles: Happy Birthday Tag

Tattered Tangles Birthday Tag 3368

Do you ever need a really large Birthday Tag to make your present “POP”?

Tattered Tangles Birthday Tag Close Up 3370

This tag uses Tattered Tangles a fun doodle art from Canvas Corp. Brands.

Tattered Tangles Collection is printed on a paper called Leather Paper making it

perfect for coloring and different paint techniques.

Supplies Used on the Tattered Tangles Happy Birthday Tag:

  1. Cut Tattered Tangles Birthday image down to 3-3/4″ to 6″.  Color image with colored markers.
  2. Add clear glitter glue to flame on the birthday candle.
  3. Adhere birthday image onto black cardstock.
  4. Adhere small scraps of teal and green burlap onto the corners of a 4-1/2 x 7-1/2″ piece of white cardstock.  Glue rick rack onto the top and bottom.  Layer onto another piece of black cardstock.
  5. Mount birthday image with foam mounting squares onto the burlap and white cardstock.
  6. Curl white curling ribbon and attach to the top of the tag with a small green clothespin.

Happiness Tangled Pack


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