How to make a Love Coaster with Easel

A Quick and Easy, DIY, Valentine’s Decoration or Gift.

The “Love Coaster with Easel” is one of the projects that I made at the StyleTechCraft

booth while at Creativation last week.  

Everyone loved how easy it is to make an easel using a clothespin.

Materials Used:              (*affiliate link)

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To make the Love Coaster…                               

  • You can use Plain White Square Coasters* or…I made my scalloped coaster using a steel rule die and white chipboard.
  • Cut a heart out of Translucent Red Glittered Vinyl from Tape Technologies using a thin metal die.  Apply the glitter heart to the coaster using a transfer paper made for vinyl.
  • Using my Silhouette Cameo Electronic Die Cutting Machine*, I cut the word “love” out of Black Glittered Translucent Vinyl and applied it directly over my heart using transfer paper.
  • I edged the sides of my coaster in silver, using a Silver Leaf Paint Pen*.

How to make an easel using a clothespin.

To make the Easel…

  • Glue a Wooden Clothespin* on the back of the coaster with Rapid Fuse Adhesive*.
  • Pull the clothespin open just enough so that the round metal spring comes slightly out of its groove.  (Some clothespins work better than others so you might need a little luck.)
  • To keep the clothespin from snapping shut…glue the top ends of the clothespin together.

Love Coaster-Sue's Creative 1576

A couple of guys at the show made theirs into Valentine’s cards.

I told them all they had to do was add a sweet note inside and, they were set.

Maybe I should have told them including flowers and chocolates is also a good idea.

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9 thoughts on “How to make a Love Coaster with Easel

  1. sharyn may foster says:

    my granddaughter has seen this and we are going too be making this whiteboard thanking you for a gift idea

  2. Patty says:

    OMG this worked wonders!!!! I wasn’t making this craft, I was skimming pinterest for diy tassel earring ideas and I saw your clothespin easel. I have 4×6 and 3×5 magnet photo frames I bought from dollar tree for some of my son’s school portraits But have taken off our old fridge that quit working, can’t put them on the brand new fridge or else the magnets will scratch the finish. So I’ve made a little family memorial center on my dresser but these magnet frames lay flat on my dresser and look like crap collecting dust. To make them come to life, I’ve put double sided stick tape to the bottom back of frame to the height of the clothespin. Removed the backing. Adjusted the clothespin down one notch and pressed the shorter side of the clothespin into the tape and hold it for about 30 seconds. Omg they look great and can now join the rest of my family memory frames on my dresser!

  3. P Brady says:

    I used tag board for my sign. It was too heavy for stability, I cut a popsicle stick half the width of my tagboard and glued the center to the bottom back leg of the clothes pin. It doesn’t show from the front and worked great to add stability.

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