Every Card Makers Dilemma and a Crazy, Embarrassing Give-Away

You’ve been making cards for how long?  You have how many cards?

Card Makers Dilemma 2

If you’re a Card Maker then you know what I’m talking about…

Because we’re addicted to paper, stickers, dies and stamps…

pretty patterns, inks and embellishments.

We make cards.  We make lots of cards.

We just love making them.   (we do, we really do)

Saving the ones we made in class because…“they’re just too pretty to give away”

or “I’m keeping them for future inspiration”.  (you know I’m right)

What was I thinking

But then after so many years of card making…

What to do with all these cards.

I have been making cards for years.  A lot of years.

Almost 20 years to be exact and I’ve designed for various manufacturers for the last 14.

Truth is… like a lot of Card Makers, I do sometimes give them out.  (Most of the time, I keep them.)

I’ve kept a lot. 


Here’s the deal…

As I work on Spring Cleaning and purging in my office, I decided to give some away.

Some are old, really old, others are card fronts or tags.

It’s kind of embarrassing…


I will stuff Three Priority Mail envelopes full and send them to three lucky recipients.

That is if anyone wants them.  (geez, this could be really embarrassing)

Just leave me a comment on this post by Monday, April 25th

and I’ll pick a three winners to send out the cards.


Snicker, Laugh, Give them away or “Keep them for Inspiration”.  The choice is up to you. 

Just promise not to post them or submit them to as your own.  (that would be wrong)

Your turn… leave a comment.  (please!!!)

The Best of 2015

You know what?  Looking back, 2015 was a pretty good year.

Nothing too big or too small.  Just a good year.

So, In 2016… I look forward to improving my photography and blogging skills

and to keep sharing my creative endeavors with you.

So here how last year shaped up for Sue’s Creative Workshop.

In 2015, I posted 136 times on my blog. (an average of 2.6 times per week)

I created lots of Projects, Tutorials, DIY Make-Overs, Cards, Mini Albums and more.

I shared recipes, family pictures and gave a little bit of myself.


To make sure you don’t miss anything in 2016…

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Together is my Favorite Place to be…

Together is my Favorite Place to be

We took this photo a couple of months ago, the last time we were all together.

I always make them do a group picture.  (it’s what I do)

My youngest son had the idea to take the picture in front of the old barn.

So we set up the tri-pod and self timer and I got this fun shot.

I am so Thankful for my Family.

After we got this picture, the real run began.

The boys started kicking the soccer ball around.

There were foot races, push ups and a lot of good family fun.

Echo Park Family Album

I found The Story of Family Collection by Echo Park and knew it was perfect for these pictures.

Echo Park Family Album Inside

Happy Thanksgiving.


Summer Reading with “A Sweethaven Summer”

Sweethaven Summer

At 12:30 in the morning I finally put the book down. 

I told my daughter-in-law just the other day… This is why I don’t read more.

Whenever I start a new book, I have to finish it in a day or two no matter what the time is.

A Sweethaven Summer is a book that I’ve been planning on reading for a few years now.

When the book came out in 2012 and everyone was talking about it…

I pinned the cover on my Pinterest Page as “books I want to read”.

Being that the book is about a girl who’d just lost her mother, the timing was too soon.

The book is written by Courtney Walsh who also happens to be a scrapbooker.

(how cool is that)

A Sweethaven Summer is a sweet easy read with a little romance, memory keeping,

mystery and faith.

Inside the book

As Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow would say…

“Don’t just take my word on it.”

This is what was written on the inside of the book.

I requested the book at my local library or you can purchase one of your own on Amazon*.


A Sweethaven Summer  A Sweethaven Homecoming A Sweethaven Christmas

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My Summer Vacation…

When the Jimmy Buffett tune came across the radio…

I was immediately filled with a combination of jealousy and sadness.

My husband’s vacation was just a few days away and we had no plans.

I mean none other than work in the garage and scrape and paint the deck.  (yay!)

Hilton Head 2013

Every other summer we try to plan a “beach vacation” and this was that summer.

For months, I’ve endured everyone’s Facebook vacation pictures while longing for the beach.

(Insert dramatic sigh!)

But…being practical people, this summer, we’d opted for a “Garage Make-Over” instead.

Don’t get me wrong… I love our new garage.  (another post for another day)

I just love the beach too.

Truth is…  I have a teen-ager.

The thought of him being stuck with two boring parents away from his friends,

his music and games for a whole week sounded like torture to him.

He was not interested in the least.

I know we should of made him go.

But… I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend all that money to take a sulky teen.

So, we opted for practical instead.

But… when I heard the song on the radio, it reminded me of our favorite Mini Golf place

the one on Myrtle Beach where they play nothing but Jimmy Buffett songs.

I told my husband when I got home, and…being the good man that he is…

he checked for last minute cheap airfare and hotels.  (what a guy!)

But… practicality won out again and we decided for something closer.

A trip to Lake of the Ozarks.  (romantic I know)

Lake of the Ozarks 08088

When we opened the door to our room, on the Marina, we were struck by the amazing view.

Our son, who’d refused to bring his swim trunks was now having second thoughts.

fishing off the patio 8089

Seriously, you could fish off the patio.  (Which he immediately did.)

the cave 8101

Neither one of the guys had been in a cave before.  So we did that.

on the boat 8111

The real highlight of the trip was when we rented the boat and took it out on the lake.

Justin 8127

Driving a boat for the first time, girls waving from the other boats, actually brought a smile

to his face.  I didn’t catch it on camera, but it was definitely there.

It was a great trip, a great memory and I’m so glad we went even if it was for just a few days.

My trip to CHA Paper Arts in Chicago

Last week, I got the opportunity to attend CHA Paper Arts in Schaumburg, IL.

I hadn’t been able to attend a CHA Show (Craft Hobby Association) since the last time

it was in Chicago a few years ago.

As you can imagine I was excited to go.  (any excuse for a get-a-way)

I knew going in that it was going to be a small show.

But…by being a small show, it gave me the opportunity to mix, mingle and really get to know people.

I got to meet, in person, a few online friends, was able to make a few more and make some really

great connections.  All in all I was satisfied.

Back in it’s hey day, when I had my store, I remember spending three days walking the show

and still not being able to see everything.  (those were the days…)

On the first day of the two day show, I did remember to take a few pictures.

I wish I had taken more.   Enjoy!

Stephanie Ackerman 2813

First off in the Sizzix Booth was dies from Stephanie Ackerman. 

I’ve been following Stephanie’s blog, Homegrown Hospitality, for years.

She’s a real Superstar in my books.

Tim Holtz 2809

 New House Dies from Tim Holtz and Sizzix

I love the little house dies from the always popular Tim Holtz.

Tim Holtz 2810

Tim Holtz Holiday Canvas

Ken Oliver and the Girls 2846

Ken Oliver of Ken Oliver Crafts

Ken’s another one of my Favorite Superstars.  Here I am with Ken and The Paper Forest girls.

They had just taken a picture with Ken and was rubbing it in my face.

So… I made them take another.

Ken Oliver's Color Burst

I finally got the opportunity to play with Ken’s Color Bursts. 

It only took a few minutes to create this masterpiece.

Eileen Hull 2845

Eileen Hull’s Vintage Camper, Scotty on The Paper Trail at CHA.

Eileen Hull 2840Eileen Hull 2841

Such a cute little camper.  You can read about Eileen and Scotty’s Adventure here.

Eileen Hull 2842

Eileen Hull’s Samples made using Sizzix Dies.

Eileen Hull 2843

More samples from Eileen.

I met Eileen a few years back and she’s such a sweet and personable lady.

You can’t help but love her.  And her dies… they are just too cute.

If I had her camper, I just might enjoy camping.  (well maybe)

Graphic 45 2823

Another picture with The Paper Forest girls at the Graphic 45 booth.

Graphic 45 2829

Graphic 45 World’s Fair

Graphic 45 2832

Graphic 45 Mon Amour

Kaisercraft 2861


Ready for Christmas Crafting?  I am!

Kaisercraft 2863

More Kaisercraft Christmas…

Kaisercraft 2862


Little B 2852

Little B LLC Christmas

Little B 2858  I fell in love with Little B’s New Christmas Washi Tape.

This is another one of those booths where I got talking and forgot to take more pictures.


As a reward for all my work (aka…having fun).  

I ended my adventure with a trip to my favorite Big Blue Store, IKEA.


The Good, the Bad and the Messy

Getting Messy

Having a creative mind means having several project ideas swirling around your head…

being a Creative Blogger with a editorial calendar, means you times that amount times 2.

And then sometimes….(a lot of sometimes) you’ve got nothing at all.

I was brain-storming recently with a fellow Designer when I came up with this brilliant idea

of stamping on the sidewalk with homemade chalk paint.

The Boys 4842

I thought this would be a great project to do with my grandsons.  (and a potential blog post)

I researched recipes and got my supplies together.

Darn you Pinterest with all your beautiful pictures and homemade recipes. 

I created handmade stamps using a large Smoothfoam square and my Super Hotwire Foam Cutter.

I made a variety of shapes to use with the boys.

The Boys  4847

I made the chalk paint with a recipe I found using cornstarch, water and food coloring.

The problem was that the paint started drying right away.

And…the boys were having too much fun playing in the paint to start all over.

The chalk paint is non toxic and easily cleaned up once dried by brushing the boys off.

After a good rain, all the mess was gone.

The Boys 4849

I’m confident with a little more experimenting we could get the consistency just right.

The Boys 4850

After making a very fun mess, I decided it was just that…

and moved on to Plan B.  (My post for Friday.)

Make sure to come back Friday for Block Stamping on Canvas with Smoothfoam.


What do you treasure?

What do you treasure 3165

I gave Nicholas an old cigar box to use while he was working on one of “his projects”.

As I was getting ready to put away all his treasures, I was struck by all the bright colors

and the little trinkets in the box.  (So I took this picture.)

When you’re four you need to collect a lot of things.

I’m a few years older than four and I still collect a lot of things.

I’ve often thought, if I only had 20 minutes to grab my most valuable possessions,

what would my treasures be?

Besides my family of course, I’d grab the clock that my parents gave us as a wedding present,

a few pieces of sentimental jewelry and my photo’s and photo albums.

Oh…and maybe the baby books.  (but, I wasn’t too good at filling those things out.)

You see, all those other things are just stuff.

Clothes, furniture, etc…they can all be replaced.

My photo’s are a different thing, they are my treasures, my memories.

So why do I have most of the photo’s from the last several years still on my computer?

Good question.

With my digital camera’s I easily take 25 times more pictures than I took before.

Instead of taking one more picture for good measure, I take 12.

The more pictures you take the better chances of getting that perfect shot. Right?

The problem:

Once I received my first digital camera, I stopped regularly printing pictures.

Unless I was working on a special project or giving them away as a gift,

I never seemed to get around to it.

I currently live in fear of my laptop crashing and losing all my precious photos.

I should back them up on my external hard-drive.  (and I do, sometimes)

So here’s my goal for 2015:

To go through the last few years of pictures and print them out.  (maybe even put them in an album)

I don’t want to risk the chance of losing them forever.

So if you’re in the same place as me…

Print them out!

I use Shutterfly* a lot for printing and photo books and they always have a deal going.

New Customers get 50 free 4″ x 6″ prints for just opening up an account.

Shutterfly Free Stuff

But I should let you know…

If you decide to click on the above picture and just happen to place an order,

I will receive a very small commission.

So… wherever you decide to take your pictures, it really doesn’t matter.

Just as long as we print them out.

Disclosure:  I am a Shutterfly Affiliate.