Using Stazon Ink on Acrylic

Using Stazon Ink on Acrylic

How to Create a Multi-colored Acrylic Tag using StazOn Ink.

I tried this technique last year and have been wanting to recreate another project

so that I could share the process with you all.  (I’m not sure what took me so long.)

And with so many different acrylic sizes and shapes available, the ideas are endless.

Every Moment Counts Acrylic Tag

StazOn Ink is a permanent ink that is archival-quality.

It dries very quickly and can be used on porous (cardstock) and non-porous (glossy paper, vinyl, glass, acrylic) surfaces.

Using Stazon Ink on Acrylic

Materials Used:     (*affiliate links)

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How to use Stazon Ink on Acrylic


  • Most acrylic pieces usually come with a thin protective covering on both sides of the acrylic.  Remove protective covering off only one of the sides.  You will be working on one side at a time so only remove the protective cover off one side.  If your acrylic doesn’t have a protective covering you’ll need to make sure to protect the other side.
  • Give the acrylic piece a quick once over with a sanding block.  This helps ensure that everything adheres.
  • Rub the StazOn ink pad directly onto the acrylic to add the first color.

How to use Stazon Ink on Acrylic

  • Continue adding additional colors to the tag.  
  • You can experiment with different swipes and swirls to find the pattern you like.

Using Stazon Ink on Acrylic

  • Paint one or two coats of light multi-surface acrylic paint over the ink.  The multi-surface paint is perfect for surfaces like acrylic.  The paint makes the colors of the ink pop and not as translucent.

Using Stazon Ink on Acrylic

  • For added protection and a scratch-resistant tag, I sprayed the tag with a matte acrylic sealer. (the color won’t be coming off my tag)
  • After everything has fully dried, turn the tag over and remove the second piece of protective covering from the acrylic.

Using Stazon Ink on Acrylic

For the other side of the tag.  

  • I created a saying using an SVG file from the Silhouette Store and cut it out of white glossy adhesive craft vinyl using my Silhouette Electronic Die-Cutting Machine*.
  • I used the vinyl tools to remove the excess vinyl in and around the letters.
  • Cut a piece of Clear Transfer Tape* slightly larger than the word.
  • Using the vinyl scraper tool, gently rub over the letters to make sure they have transferred.
  • Lift the word off the white backer paper.

Apply Craft Vinyl to Acrylic Tag

  • Center and position the words over your acrylic tag and gently rub over the transfer paper with the vinyl scraper tool.
  • Carefully remove transfer paper from the acrylic tag.
  • Add ribbon or twine through the hole of the tag.

Makes a great inspirational bag tag.

Every Moment Counts Acrylic Tag

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