My 4 x 4 Canvas

Sue Eldred's 4x4 2016 Design Team Canvas - Copy

As a member of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew we

were asked to create a 4″ x 4″ canvas to represent “you”.

As a returning member we were given the choice to stay with the one we created

last year or make a new one.  I decided I needed a new one.

One that looked a little more my style.

As you might guess, I love the color red.  I also love taking pictures.

Since receiving my new camera last year for Christmas, I have taken over 15,000 pictures.

Most of those pictures are of family or of projects I am working on.

The camera is never put away.  (always on the counter, ready to go to work)

So this is me described in a canvas.  (at least for now)

Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew

Creative Crew Badge  I’m so excited to finally let you know that I’m now part of

Canvas Corp Brands New Creative Crew.

So many wonderful brands to work with…  Canvas Corp Home Basics, Tattered Angels and 7 Gypsies.

I can’t wait to dive right in.

One of our first challenges as a crew was to make a 4 x 4 canvas that represents our style.

Sue Eldred's 4 x 4 Canvas 1336

Here’s mine….  clean, simple with a shabby vintage feel.

(tag from the New “Gypsy Moments” Collection)