Create a Beach Votive with a few Dollar Store Treasures.

Create a Beachy Votive with a few Dollar Store treasures.

A cheap and easy beachy decoration.

A great way to display those small shells collected on vacation.

I purchased the Parmesan Cheese Shaker* and a Flameless Candle Votive*

at <a href="http://Dollar Tree” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Dollar Tree*.  (Total cost $2.00.)

To make the Beachy Votive here’s what I used:                             (*affiliate link)
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  • Wrap wire around a pencil for a spiral handle.

  • Using the needle nose pliers, make a small loop on each end of the wire.

  • Find two small shells with natural holes on the end.  Tie them together with a small piece of string.

  • Thread burlap ribbon through both looped ends of the wire and tie around the top of the parmesan shaker.  Add shells on string as you knot the ribbon.
  • Glue top of broken shell onto the knot of the burlap ribbon with Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive*.
  • Add approx. 1″ of sand into the parmesan shaker.  Add small votive and shells.

The Beachy Votive looks good with or without the lid.