Simple Spring Place Card

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative 3127

Add a little whimsy to your Spring Table with this cute little Bunny Place Card.

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative 3073

Make it personal, it’s fairly simple and very inexpensive to make. 

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative Workshop 2903

For the Bunny Place Card…

I used inexpensive wood bunny cut-outs from Dollar Tree* and scrapbook paper.

Additional Materials Used:      (*affiliate links)

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  • First, you’ll need to add adhesive onto the back of the scrapbook paper. 
  • I like to use the Xyron Creative Station* to add adhesive to my paper. 
  • Put the paper design side up on the Xyron Creative Station* crank the handle to run the paper through the machine.  As it moves through the Xyron Creative Station it adds adhesive to the backside of the paper.  Easy to use and it doesn’t need any electricity.

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative Workshop 2916

  • Lay wood piece onto scrapbook and give a gentle rub to make sure everything is stuck down.
  • Carefully cut around the shape with a craft knife.
  • Sand the rough cut edges of the shape with a sanding block*.  You can use an Emory board to get into small places to sand.

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative 3095

  • Tie a thin pink ribbon around the neck of the bunny.
  • Glue small flower embellishment over the knot of the ribbon.
  • Print names using a computer-generated font onto white cardstock.
  • Cut into strips and cut a small “v” notch out of one end to make a small banner.
  • Tuck and glue banner under the edge of the flower.
  • Glue a small white pompom for the bunny tail.

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative Workshop 3979

To make my bunny stand, I used a small wood piece cut from an old scrabble tray and glued it

onto the back using Dap Rapid Ruse All Purpose Adhesive*.

(Alternative suggestions would be a small kids block.)

Simple Spring Place Card-Sue's Creative Workshop 3077

Now you’re ready to set the table using your good dishes and let the party begin.

Personally…I always considered these red toile dishes my “good” dishes and I only used them

for Holidays.  Now, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided to use them every day.  

Speckled Eggs for Spring

Speckled Eggs for Spring 4927

Now that I only have a teen-ager at home, we don’t do the dyed eggs anymore.  (he’s no fun)

But… I still needed some soft pastel hued Speckled Eggs for Spring.

Putting my eggs in one basket 4847So… I grabbed a few of my Smoothfoam Eggs.

I gave the eggs a light sanding to remove the ridge and painted them with a soft chalky finish.

Like the name suggests, these eggs have a smooth finish making them perfect for painting.

The best way to paint an egg 4895

The best way to paint an egg…

Use an small glass or candle votive to hold the egg.  Paint one half of the egg at a time.

Speckled Eggs Close Up 4943

I especially like the look of speckled eggs, so I grabbed an old toothbrush for speckling.

  • Speckled the eggs by lightly rubbing the old toothbrush into brown paint and gently flicking the paint onto the eggs.
  • Make sure to wear an apron to protect your clothing.  Flicking can be quite messy.


This project was created for and sponsored by Smoothfoam™, The Crafters Foam.

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