Sweet Baby BOO!

My sweet little grandson will be celebrating his first Halloween soon…

Inspired by our newest game, I decided to make him a cute little shirt to wear.

With the help of Iron-on Embroidered letters from Joy making the shirt was super easy.

  • prewash cotton t-shirt
  • set iron to cotton setting
  • position letters with shiny side down on garment
  • cover letters with a fine cloth
  • with firm pressure iron cloth over the letters for 25 seconds
  • turn shirt inside out and iron the back of the letters for 25 seconds
  • allow to cool for 1 minute before cooling

Isn’t he adorable?

Looking at this picture, I’m thinking really big googly eyes would look cute inside the “O’s”.

My “Sweet Baby Boo” shirt was created for and sponsored by Joy SA.

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