How to make a Springtime Delights Resin Magnet

I have to admit, working with Resin intimidated me at first.

With a little practice, I found that it’s really not hard and you can get some amazing results.

Especially when you start small.    (Just make sure to read the package instructions)

My Springtime Delights magnet measures only 2″ x 2.

Materials:            (*affiliate link)


Cut and glue a small piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside of tin.

Arrange 3D stickers inside of tin.  You may need to add extra glue under each sticker to make sure they stay in place.

Measure, Mix and pour the resin as directed in the product packaging.

Blow air onto the resin using a thin straw to help remove bubbles.

Allow plenty of drying time for the resin to cure before gluing magnet onto the back of the tin. - Create More, Spend Less

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