My 4 x 4 Canvas

Sue Eldred's 4x4 2016 Design Team Canvas - Copy

As a member of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew we

were asked to create a 4″ x 4″ canvas to represent “you”.

As a returning member we were given the choice to stay with the one we created

last year or make a new one.  I decided I needed a new one.

One that looked a little more my style.

As you might guess, I love the color red.  I also love taking pictures.

Since receiving my new camera last year for Christmas, I have taken over 15,000 pictures.

Most of those pictures are of family or of projects I am working on.

The camera is never put away.  (always on the counter, ready to go to work)

So this is me described in a canvas.  (at least for now)