Organizing… the Kids Craft Cabinet

Organizing the kids craft cabinet-Sue's Creative 1282

I have this awkward wall cabinet between my kitchen and dining room.

It opens fully on the dining  room side and only partially on the kitchen side.

Not completely functional, it doesn’t get used all that much.

Organizing the Kids Craft Cabinet Before-Sue's Creative 1275

It’s been the dumping spot of misc. household and kid crafts for the past two decades.

My very active grandsons are always wanting to make something, do something.

I thought a more organized easily accessed spot would be a good idea.

Organizing a kids craft cabinet-Sue's Creative 1292

After a little sorting and purging, it’s nice and neat.

Organizing the kids craft cabinet-Sue's Creative 1287

Everything’s labeled.  It’s easy to find everything they’ll need.

Organizing a Kids Craft Cabinet-Sue's Creative 1294

Here’s the products I used to organize my Kid’s Craft Cabinet from Deflecto Craft:

“This is a sponsored post. As a member of the Deflecto Design Team I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.”

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Getting ready for that time of year again…

I know, I know… Many of you may think I might be rushing this a little bit.

But… as a designer and crafter I’m starting to feel a time crunch.

So many projects, so little time.  (time’s a wasting)

Christmas Crafting 2

Something I look forward to getting every month is my box of goodies from Deflecto.

Getting this box is like receiving a Christmas present.

So thoughtfully packed with colored tissue paper.

I really need to take of picture of the box. (so much fun)

This months box was stuffed full of storage and organizing products.

One of the many cool storage products I received from Deflecto Craft Solutions was this

great carousel organizer.  This particular carousel has nine canisters, six 3″ and three 6″.

The carousel spins and is a great place to store all my holiday embellishments in one place.

I also received some great storage cubes, which made me want/need to reorganize my studio.

With all the things I collect (I mean use) I needed more.

Deflecto generously offered to send me some more cubes.  (you’ve got to love that!)

I will post more pictures of my organizing efforts after they arrive.

Refrigerator Magnets

Another cool “NEW, COMING SOON” product is the:  Customizable Magnetic Craft Sheets

White magnetic sheets can be painted or papered. Cuts easily with scissors or craft punches.
Great for kids projects

magnet sheets

I decided to make “refrigerator art” using my magnetic sheets.

I covered the white side of the magnetic sheet with decorative paper and cut it out with a die-cut.

Deflecto Christmas Magnets
“This is a sponsored post. As a member of the Deflecto Design Team I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.”