Speckled Eggs for Spring

Speckled Eggs for Spring 4927

Now that I only have a teen-ager at home, we don’t do the dyed eggs anymore.  (he’s no fun)

But… I still needed some soft pastel hued Speckled Eggs for Spring.

Putting my eggs in one basket 4847

So… I grabbed a few of my Smoothfoam Eggs.

I gave the eggs a light sanding to remove the ridge and painted them with a soft chalky finish.

Like the name suggests, these eggs have a smooth finish making them perfect for painting.

The best way to paint an egg 4895

The best way to paint an egg…

Use a small glass or candle votive to hold the egg.  Paint one half of the egg at a time.

Speckled Eggs Close Up 4943

I especially like the look of speckled eggs, so I grabbed an old toothbrush for speckling.

  • Speckled the eggs by lightly rubbing the old toothbrush into brown paint and gently flicking the paint onto the eggs.
  • Make sure to wear an apron to protect your clothing.  Flicking can be quite messy.

This project was created for and sponsored by Smoothfoam™, The Crafters Foam.