Old Frame Make-Over from last Friday’s treasure hunt.

When I asked what the price was for the old terra pot, she paused and said “a quarter”.

When I asked her how much for the next item, she said “a quarter”.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was going to be fun.

By the time I put my pile on the table she said “a dollar……..ummm fifty?”

I love a good treasure hunt.

Especially when it’s ran by an old lady who just wants to get rid of everything.


Honestly, I wasn’t completely sure about these heavy metal frames when I first picked them up.

But…at a quarter how could I go wrong?


Armed with a can of off-white spray paint…

I deconstructed the frames and gave everything a couple coats of paint.


I sprayed the black velvet matting with spray adhesive and applied a piece of a woven tan fabric.

I marked the two holes in the matting where the metal flowers had been previously.

I was able to use the prongs on the back of the metal flowers to line them up exactly where they

had been before.  (so easy)

I trimmed the excess fabric from around the matting and re-inserted everything back into the frame.


A super simple project with a modern up-dated look.


Thrifty Tuesdays Really Good Finds…

My Thrifty Finds 7058

We awoke to a rainy un-seasonably cool July morning.  Not really a outdoorsy kind of summer day.

So my daughter and I (since she was in town) went to one of our favorite Thrift Stores.

You know…The kind that is ran by old church ladies and the prices are really cheap.

My very favorite kind.

I found all the items above along with 3 stemmed glassware cordials for only $8.50.


Of all the things that I purchased today (and I love them all) this has to be my favorite.

A creamy white platter with no cracks or crazing for .50 and a bag of old hardware for a dollar.

That totally made my day.

basket pot and box

I almost put all three of these things back.  (total cost $1.50)

Instead I gave the little box to my daughter, and will use the terra cotta pot

with the great patina for a bunch of pink impatiens that need re-potting.

Stephanie And Me Selfie 2

After so much energy on great finds, my daughter and I treated ourselves to a nice lunch

at Potbellys and took a “selfie”.

It doesn’t take much to make us happy.

Thrifting Fun

Some of my favorite things 3040

One of my Favorite Things to do is spending time with my daughter.

Because she lives 3 hours away we don’t get to do it as much as I’d like.  So, I was giddy that we got

to spend all day together on Monday.  We went out for lunch, hit a couple of stores and then we went

“thrifting”.  Our favorite spot is closed on Mondays, so we went to Salvation Army and Goodwill instead.

We found some great bargains, but, nothing we really needed.  I picked up a bag of brand new

Red Magnolia Colored Pencils and 50 of these neat little papers for under a dollar.

I figured these pencils would look great once I find the perfect container.  Now I just need to

keep them away from my little buddy who loves sharpening pencils in Grandma’s office.

The little drawer was a “find” that my daughter found while antiquing in Nashville.

I wish I could spend every Monday like this.

pencils and paper 3065