Vintage Treasures

Vintage Treasures 5-2014

I went treasure hunting the other day and around the third stop I finally scored.

I couldn’t believe all the goodies I found.  (all for only $10.50)

Here are a few of the treasures I found. 

  • Red Toile Cup, Saucer and Dinner Plate from England
  • Vintage Sheet Music from 1911
  • McGuffey’s Alternative Reader from 1837
  • Webster’s Notebook that read Waverly Mason Diary dated 1921
  • Vintage Inspired Paris Map with the price tag on the back.

I was a little disappointed when I opened up the Diary and found that it wasn’t

full of juicy gossip.  Instead it is full of pasted old recipe clippings.

Now I can learn how to make Cream of Celery Soup, Chocolate Surprise Pudding,

Christmas Fruit Cake, Mrs. Moody’s Wonder Cake and so much more.

Who knows I might even try one of those recipes one day.

Vintage Sheet Music #1

I picked up the sheet music with the idea of framing them.  (since I don’t have a piano anymore)

I picked up the vintage frame at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago for a quarter.

All I need is a piece of glass and I’m ready to hang.

My son asked as I laid the frame over top the sheet music if I bought them together.

Sometimes things just work out perfectly.

Vintage Sheet Music Jim Jim

When I told my son this was a song about coming back from the war.

He asked me “Vietnam?”    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  (I shook my head instead)

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