The past week was such a mix of emotions.

It started with unexpected news, a trip out-of-state, hugging the necks of family I hadn’t

seen in quite a while and saying good-bye to a very good man.

While it was extremely sad, we also left with a good feeling of being reconnected.

After arriving home late the night before, Saturday morning, I joined a group of my

classmates at my old alma mater and we all took a tour of the high school.

While some things hadn’t changed much at all, there were several new additions and changes.

I had my camera in my pocket the whole time and only managed three pictures. (that’s not like me)

A Building

I’ve always loved “A” building.  (the original high school)

I was talking too much and wandered off with a few other classmates and didn’t get the whole tour

of “A” building.  (kind of like me in high school)

A few years ago, there was talk of tearing it down, I’m so glad they didn’t.  So much history.

This building was special because both of my parents and their siblings walked the halls of this place.

Until recently, my dad’s graduating class of ’49 picture was hanging on the walls.

I had hoped to take a picture of that.

Epchs main hall

Raider Hall of Fame

I hadn’t walked these halls in 35 years.  (it was surreal)

This was the part of the reunion I was looking forward to the most.

Since, I had missed the Friday night mixer, this was the ice breaking point for me.

Saturday nights reunion was filled with blinding rain and close to 100 people stuffed into an old barn.

Even though there was a few leaks, I thought the ambiance was fun.

A party like this 35 years ago, would have been epic.

With all the old pretenses gone, it was great reconnecting with old friends.

Some I hadn’t seen since graduating 35 years ago.

Even though I had serious trepidation about the event, I was so glad I went.

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