Visiting St. Joe

Silver Beach Lighthouse

With not much summer left before school starts next week, we planned a mini vacation to the beautiful town of St. Joseph, Michigan.  With life happening yet again, we were only able to get two days.

So….we packed as much fun as possible in the little time we had.  We sat on the beach and laid in the sun, walked down the beach to check out the lighthouse and pier, ate a wonderful Italian dinner, visited fun shops, bought ice cream and desert, then watched the sun go down.  (and that was just day 1)

Justin fishing in St. Joe

The next day as the guys fished off the Pier, I sat on the beach.  I closed my eyes and pretended I was at the ocean.  With the temperature only being 63 degrees, we didn’t stay long.

Sue in St. Joe 3

Next, we headed off for a rooftop lunch.  After lunch we went to the Fun park where Justin hit balls in the batting cages, raced go carts (I won) and then a round of mini golf.  We looked up a local winery, tasted a few and then off to find a new beach.  Still chilly, we only stayed 45 minutes while I soaked up as much beach as I could.  Then off towards Chicago and a quick dinner and then back home again.

This was my first time visiting St. Joseph, I definitely want to go again.

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