from Drab to Fab: My Perfect Planner

Sue's 2015 Planner 1049

Every year around this time, I start searching for the perfect planner.

My sweet husband even picked up a couple of planners for a Christmas gift.

I’m really picky and he knows my requirements.  They came with the receipt and a disclaimer.

After taking one of the calendars back, I picked up a third one just in case.

I like to keep my options open before committing to something as important as a yearly planner.

After forgetting to pick up hairspray during our last trip to Walmart,

my husband volunteered to take the groceries to the car and pick me up at the door if

I went back and got it.   (after all, it was for him)  Besides it was really cold.

Anyway… on my way back to get the hairspray I ran across a huge display of

very cheap inexpensive planners for only $1.00.  Eureka!

Finally… exactly what I was looking for.

A month at a glance, thin, big enough space for writing, with lines planner.

Plain 2015 Planner

The colors were bright, but, I knew that didn’t matter.  It was perfect for decorating.

And… better yet, it came with a clear protective cover.

With the help of some scrapbook paper and stickers, I just happened to have on hand,

I now have the perfect planner.

From Drab to Fab, Cheap to Designer.  I love it and I couldn’t be happier!

On a Side-note:  I showed my husband my fabulous creation and he wasn’t nearly as

amazed as I thought he would be.  (go figure!)

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