The Old Willow Tree

Is it silly to be sad over losing a tree?

This Willow tree was a beautiful tree, in its time it had a canopy so large it was like a secret room.

We used it’s large branches as a swing set for the last 10 years.

Lately it has lost so many of it’s big branches and is in pretty bad shape.

We took the swings down this year.

I couldn’t bear the thought of a branch crashing down on one of the kids.

Today it comes down and a little bit of me goes with it.

The only silver lining is the tree trunk slices they saved for me.    (future project?)

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7 thoughts on “The Old Willow Tree

  1. Deb says:

    I am SO right there with you! I basically grew up with the huge silver maple that is still in my backyard, now that I bought the house! I used to climb it ALL the time & I also used to jump from the highest limb I could get to & jump onto the roof of the house! Yes, I did get yelled at for that but what else was a tomboy gonna do–right?? That was WAY back when I was maybe 8 yrs old! My family didn’t plant the tree but the house was built in 1953, my parents bought it in 1959, & although I still LOVE that tree I do now that it’s time is growing short. I actually will cry when it completely has to come down! Heck–I cried when the main starting branch I learned to climb a tree with had to be removed!! Thank you for sparking the idea of getting an idea of how to keep, at the very least, a part of “my” beloved tree!! Thank you!

    • seldred2 says:

      There is a giant Maple Tree that was planted when I was a girl at my family home. I always thought it grew from the tree I planted.
      Before my Dad died I found out that he had replaced it.

      One of my favorite family pictures of my crew was taken Thanksgiving of 2009. The guys had been out playing with a football and I asked my sister in law to take the shot. The guys put my youngest son, still holding the football, up in the crook of the tree and we all gathered around.

      I love that picture. Now that we’re in the midst of clearing out the family home, I want to recreate that picture with my family and the 4 extra additions before the house is sold. (I have this summer to get everyone home and together.)

      Trees add to our precious memories.

  2. Virginia Auldridge Lamb says:

    trees are special, it would be silly not to care about their passing out of our lives. this reminds me of how my ex went out and started chopping down my little daughter’s tree because it was easier than moving around it. my poor daughter was heart broken, I understood how she felt.

  3. atkokosplace says:

    It is sad to see a tree go. We lost a couple in a big storm we had. One tree was so enormous I wouldn’t wrap my arms around it. We didn’t chop it up…just left it and have taken branches when we wanted to do a burn. The huge trunk is home to many things. It’s interesting how much has grown around this fallen tree and how much it’s still used by the wildlife.

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