Cigar Box Washi Tape Holder

How to Make a Cigar Box Washi Tape Holder 2790

Making Creative Storage for my ever-growing collection of Washi Tape.

I have a small, growing collection of Washi Tape.

In addition to all its many uses, I find that they are just pretty to look at.

Previously, I had all my washi tape gathered in a canning jar, although pretty…

I found myself dumping the jar every time I wanted to use one.

Being on a “old drawer” kick, I decided to make a small washi tape holder using an old cigar box.

Materials 2764

I used two sheets of scrapbook paper from Carta Bella’s “Warm & Cozy” collection.

basic supplies:  craft knife, cutting mat, craft glue, double stick tape roller and a metal label holder, black marker.

pieces 2767

To Make a Cigar Washi Tape Holder:

  • Cut the lid off the cigar box.  Measure and cut the lid into two strips to fit inside your box as dividers.
  • Remove excess loose paper from box.
  • TIP:  Use a black permanent marker to color the inside corners of your box.  This will help keep any white from the box from showing.
  • Cover box with scrapbook paper.
  • Adhere paper over both dividers.
  • Apply craft glue onto bottom and sides of dividers and put into place.

empty box 2773

Cigar Box Washi Tape Holder 2808

Add metal label holder and fill with your favorite washi tape.