How to Create an Easy Pickled Finish with Vintage Effect Wash

How to create an Easy Pickled Finish with Vintage Effect Wash from Deco Arts.

I had this unfinished wood tote that I wanted to use the new Vintage Effect Wash on.

My first thought was to just give the tote a cool white wash using the paint.

But after further thought and a little experimentation, I decided to warm up the look by

staining it with a Walnut Gel Stain first.  I love the way it turned out.

This would make a great garden tool holder, picnic caddy, or my favorite…a Craft Tote.

DIY Pickled Crate

Supplies Used:                (*affiliate link)


  1. Lightly sand the wood crate if necessary.
  2. Paint or brush crate with DecoArt Americana Walnut Gel Stains Paint*.
  3. Rub off excess stain with soft clean rag.  Allow stain to dry.
  4. Apply Decoart Vintage Effect Wash Grey* onto crate with brush allowing the stain to show through.   Wipe with clean soft rag if necessary.  (It’s that easy!)
  5. If desired, add stenciling onto the crate.
  6. Apply a sealer to protect the finish.

The Love Beyond Words Pickled Crate was sponsored by DecoArts.

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