Sue’s Casual Vintage Inspired Workshop

A Peek into Sue’s Creative Workshop…

A little over a year ago, I started working on my New Creative Space.

The room that I used before was pretty small.  (you can see it here)

So you can only imagine how excited I was to move into a much bigger space.

It’s been a long process of purging, decorating, and organizing.

I’m excited to be able to share it with you, finally.

With the help of my brother, we transformed my son’s old bedroom from a worn-out teen space

to my favorite room in the house.

This room needed help.

I had not redecorated this room since I first decorated it for my son when he moved into it

at age 4.  It had two-toned walls of yellow and blue with a white stripe going across the center.

My son didn’t like change, so I left it alone.

After 15 plus years, the walls were quite dingy and damaged.

My brother painted the ceiling a crisp white and the walls a light grungy grey.

Then he added an accent wall of shiplap.

The blue commercial carpet was still in perfect condition.  (All I had to do was clean it.)

Now I was ready to start decorating and organizing the room.

My main work area.

I found this sturdy little table at a Church Rummage Sale for $20.

It was an old Sunday School table used for younger kids.

It’s a little bit low, but with my short legs, it works just fine.

I have another table I got from my parents’ basement that I’m planning on redoing one day.

Until then, this works great.

Behind my desk is my son’s old changing table from his nursery. 

On top of that, is an old wood display from when I had my store.

It is the perfect place to display a few vintage cameras and books.

My son asked me why I didn’t just get a new L shaped desk?

We all have our style when it comes to creating.  I wanted my personal space to match.

Clean and Simple with a Vintage Vibe.  A mix of old and new.

Photo Wall…

I love my shiplap accent wall.

Eventually, I plan on getting a long shelf to display artwork and old pictures.

Currently, I have a favorite floral painting that my Mom painted many years ago.

Around the painting is a vintage frame that was around the old deer painting that

hung at  my Grandma’s.  (top right)  It was in bad shape when we found it

in my Dad’s basement, so I put it in a new smaller frame.

The bottom left is an adorable old photo of a little girl performing with a man with a harp.

I have no idea who is in the photo, but I love it.

I have been collected old photos and prints for a long time.

Continuing around the room is My Ikea Shelving…

I love this hardworking unit.

It holds bins of old projects, boxes of ribbon, paintbrushes, stamps, dies,

and a whole lot of other goodies.

I contemplated whether or not I should show you my closet.

It is in a constant state of change. (it still needs a lot more purging.)

I was thrilled to be able to put my white storage units in there.

I love being able to close the closet doors and not have to look at them.

I didn’t want to get rid of them because they still hold a lot of stuff.

But, the white shelves don’t fit the look I was going for in the room.

Next to the closet is my little black cabinet, AKA my “Fabulous Thrift Store Make-Over”.

You can read about it here.  It is perfect for holding small bottles of acrylic paint.

On top of the black cabinet is some Vintage Goodies I’ve collected through the years.

The vintage metal filing cabinet…

used to hold all my parent’s bills and paperwork before I took it home.

After repainting it black, the filing cabinet holds nothing but inkpads and re-inkers.

(I’ve quite a few.) It hides behind the open door.

Next to it is an old metal florist vase with a collection of vintage yardsticks.

On the left of the door, as you look into the room, is my second desk.

I use this desk mainly for paperwork and picture editing.

I eventually would like to get a big comfy chair to replace it.

I call this my Big Red Stamp Rack, although currently there are no stamps there.

It is another display that came from my old store.

I painted it red several years ago to match my décor.

It holds mainly embellishments, paper, paints, and more ribbon.

The vintage iron is another fun find from my parent’s basement.

When the windows are open, the door is always blowing closed. It makes a great doorstop.

I hope you enjoyed the tour around my new Workshop/Office/Craft Room.

It may not always be as clean as shown in the pictures, but with designated storage,

it’s pretty easy to get it back to normal.


You know that feeling when you get the Urge to Purge?

I first got the feeling sometime in late January or maybe it was March…

You know… The Urge to Purge!

It happened while I was looking at the Christmas Crafting Hang-Over still lingering in my office.

It had been quite the party and no one had stuck around long enough to really clean it up.

Time to organize again.(The above picture is a picked up version taken before I started in Jan. or was it March)

Something needed to be done.

So…I started the slow process of digging out.

I purged, I tossed, I gave away, I cleaned, I dusted, I organized and I purged a little more .

I even purchased a new lamp and picture for my desk.  (a reward for a good job)

In the end it was a lot of work mixed in with deadlines and a lot procrastination.

I took my time.

Since I’m done for now (always a work in progress), I thought I’d to share a few pictures.

My Workshop measures only 8 1/2′ x 10 1/2′.

It has a large sliding patio door that leads out onto an upper balcony, a door into the master bedroom,

a closet door and a door into the main hall.

Size alone is a challenge, not to mention working around all those doors.

That’s why it’s real important that I manage a little bit of self-control.

Desk with logo 8777

This is My Desk…

I love sitting down to a clean and organized space.  (If only it looked this way all the time.)

My desk holds my office supplies, files, embellishments, my favorite inkpads, samples, photo albums,

computer and a whole lot of misc.  It’s large a little over 6 feet with a built in bookcase.

Desk with logo 8779

I love this picture and had to get it the moment I saw it.  (I found it at Homegoods)

Being a lover of the color red, I found the lamp on sale at Target for $20.  It’s perfect for this spot.

Ikea Shelf

To the right of my desk is the sliding patio door.

(Next to that door is the door that leads into my master bedroom.)

In front of the patio door, I have a shelving unit which I bought from Ikea.

It holds a plethora of goodies.  Ribbon, Big Shot, Metal Dies, Samples, Paintbrushes.

Black Cabinet 8774

Next to the Ikea unit, I put my small black cabinet…a.k.a. my fabulous thrift store make-over,

that cabinet holds small paint bottles, tattered angel mists, misc. hardware pieces and more.

You can read about the cabinet make-over here.

Red Stamp Rack 8794

Next to the bedroom door is my large red stamp rack that holds more embellishments than stamps.

It holds the stuff that I grab often.

Red Stamp Rack 8810

I love old drawers, tiny baskets and jars.

ribbon 8805

What can I say… “I love Ribbon!”

die cut center 8802

Next to the red rack is my closet door.  (kind of boring)

And…next to the closet is a set of cabinets that holds my go to cardstock rack and die cutting station.

I like closed door storage for the things I don’t access regularly.

Across from these cabinets are white storage cabinets.

In between is a super short hall leading to the main hallway.  (I told you my workshop was small.)

white cabinets 8799

My white storage cabinets are to the left of my desk.  They store the bulk of my paper and stickers.

Because I work with several different manufacturers, I have them sorted by company.

bulletin board 8787

Above my white storage cabinets is my inspiration board that holds some of my favorite family pictures.

I had to include it in the tour because it makes me happy.

And with that…I’m now back to my desk and that concludes the tour.

If you stand in the middle of the room you can spin and see everything.  (only one at a time please)

SO…. one big question.

Did I inspire you to do a little purging of you own?