My Fabulous Thrift Store Make-Over

I almost passed on this plain 8 drawer cabinet last April while visiting my daughter in Madison.

I didn’t really need it, I have too much stuff, would there be room in the car?  (geez!)

It was sitting there in the Thrift Store for only $8.  They had just put it out that day.

I had to take it home.  (I just had too.)

Stenciling the drawer 8355

As soon as I got it home, I painted it with a couple coats of black paint and gave

it a clear wax coat.  It sat in my office that way for the next four months.

(I’m starting to notice a pattern here.)  Anyway…. I decided that the cabinet needed more.

After receiving these cool number stencil,

Deco Art Americana Decor Stencil, Old World Numbers*    (*affiliate link)

and Whisper Chalky Finish Paint* from DecoArt as part of their Blogger Outreach Program,

I stenciled each drawer 1-8.

To keep the numbers from looking too new or bright, I lightly sanded over the letters with a

extra fine sanding block and applied another coat of clear wax.

Drawer Close Up 8446

My hubby helped me put on these vintage looking drawer pulls I’d found on Etsy.

I spent more than twice as much on the drawer pulls than I did the cabinet.

Black Cabinet 8444

I’m so happy with the way it turned out.  Doesn’t it look beautiful?

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