A New Month a New Challenge

New Month New CHallenge 2

Now that I’ve got this new easy to use, upgraded website that includes my very own name,

I started looking at ways to increase my following and make the content better.

After reading an article on 10 Steps to becoming a credible & respected blogger, a few things stuck.

The first was to create an editorial calendar.  (I used this Free download from Fancy Pants Designs)

The second thing was to blog daily if possible.  (say what???)

So that became my challenge.

Creating Blog Worthy projects and posts for 31 days?  (why didn’t I do this for 28 days in February?)

At first it was hard coming up with ideas.

After starting with the obvious ones (design team projects and posts), it became a little easier.

I don’t promise that everyday will be long mind boggling, well thought out posts.

But…I will do my very best to fulfill this personal challenge to blog everyday for the month of May.

Who knows, I might just get the hang of this yet.

See you tomorrow.