How to create a cute little Party Ant for your BBQ

Party Ant 9648

Sometimes in the midst of all my creative endeavors and the business of everyday life,

when I need a break from all the seriousness.

I like to stop and make something fun and a little bit silly. 

It’s one of my ways of procrastinating.

Honestly, I would never invite real ants to a BBQ, but, this one is dressed up, too cute and

ready for a party.  (a great little conversation starter)

Party Ant Supplies 9537

To make a Party Ant you’ll need a few supplies…               (*Amazon Affiliate Links)

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Painted Balls on Skewers 9544

  • Dip the end of the bamboo skewers into craft glue and insert into the balls.
  • Paint balls with black acrylic paint.
  • After the paint has dried, cut the ends of the skewers approx. 3/4″, dip into glue and attach body and head of the ant together.

Ant Feet 9552

  • Cut six 1″ pieces of wire, bend the ends as show, dip in craft glue and insert into body of the ant.
  • Cut two more 1″ pieces of wire and curl the top of the wire with wire tools before inserting them into the head of the ant for the antennas.

Ant Eyes

  • Add two black dots to the center of the adhesive pearls to use as the eyes.
  • Punch a 1″ circle from decorative scrapbook paper, cut a notch from the circle and glue together to form a party hat.  Glue onto the top of the ant.  Top off the hat with a teeny tiny pom pom.
  • Cut a strip of adhesive pearls to use as a necklace.

Party Ant 9637

Mine is fairly small, but, wouldn’t a giant one make a cute centerpiece?  (think real big!)

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