Xyron’s 25th Anniversary

Xyron 25th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to one of my very favorite crafting companies!

I remember back in the mid-’90s (when I had my retail store) going to a trade show and stopping

by the Xyron Booth.  There was quite a crowd and buzz around their new products.

It was at that Trade Show when I bought my first Xyron machines.

Xyron 500 Create a Sticker Machine-Sue's Creative Workshop www.sueeldred.com 3920

I bought the Xryon 500 Create a Sticker to use as a Special Anniversary Sale promo. 

(and boy did I sell a lot of those machines.)

I also purchased the Xyron 850 to sell and bought the Xyron 1200 for store use.

I figured if 8 1/2″ was good then 12″ was better.  (12″ paper was just becoming popular)

(The picture above is my first Xyron machine.  When we went through my mom’s craft room we found extra cartridges that fit the machine.  Score!)

Xyron Creative Station 2

Personally, my favorite Xyron product to use is the Xyron Creative Station*.

It is the perfect size for larger projects and I love how I can insert a 5″ cartridge for smaller

projects.  But to be perfectly honest, I love all my Xyron products.

Happy Anniversary Xryon, looking forward to crafting with you for many years to come.

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Graphic 45 Christmas Magic...Decorating the Tree-Sue's Creative Workshop-www.sueeldred.com 7953

The Christmas Magic Room is my favorite project made using Xyron Creative Station*.