Paying it Forward

Pay it Forward Collage

Seeing all those pictures from the recent storms and tornado’s in the South, hearing all those stories,

it just breaks my heart all over again.  My prayers goes out to those families.

You see, it hits close to home, way to close to home. It’s just all a little too familiar.

It hasn’t been that long since my Hometown was (and still is) picking up pieces

from a devastating F-4 tornado.

It’s been almost 6 months and while there is progress, there is still so much to do.

I drove through a neighborhood the other day, and while looking at one of the destroyed homes,

I saw clothes still hanging in two of the upstairs closets.

Justin Pay it Forward

In November, after the tornado, the high school gave the kids an opportunity for a service day.

The kids went out and just helped with picking up debris.

Yesterday, the kids were given another opportunity to help.

I’m proud of my son and his willingness to help others.

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