My Mother’s Hand

A little Throw Back Thursday

Six years ago, for my Moms 70th birthday, the family made her a special scrapbook.

Everyone in the family made a special page, kids, grandkids, son-in laws, daughter in law, even dad made a page.  She loved that book.

Since Mothers Day is in a few days, I thought I share the page I made.

My Mother's Hand

My Mother’s Hand

Look closely at this picture.  At first all you see is my worried face.

Look  a little closer and you’ll see my Mother’s hand.

My Mother hand has always been there for me, ready to hold, sometimes scold,

to guide me and sometimes to gently be behind me, just to let me know she is there.

3 thoughts on “My Mother’s Hand

  1. Diana Foree says:

    Scrapbooks are such a great memento. My mother in law used to make a personal scrapbook for each of us through our life together – pictures, headlines from newspapers that include our first names with jokes. It’s such a treasure!

  2. alexandramc7 says:

    What a beautiful idea. It is truly a treasure! Your pics are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Christina says:

    This is so sweet! I love old family photos and it’s amazing how you turned something seemingly insignificant like your mother’s hand holding you for a picture into the memorable sentiment you wrote ❤ Happy Mother's Day (early, I know)

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