Washington Good Neighbor Days

Good Neighbor Days

Hello Washington Good Neighbor Days…

Forget what I said the other day, “now” it’s officially summer.  (The carnival has come to town.)

One of the things I love about Washington is its Good Neighbor Days.

Rides, Entertainment, Fireworks, Cherry Taco’s…  What’s not to love.

For many, “Good Neighbor Days” has taken on a deeper meaning here in our hometown.

Even a tornado can not squash our Community Pride and Spirit.


Little Trivia:  The Washington Good Neighbor Days Festival started back in the 70’s and kept that

name for over 20 years until it’s change to “Cherry Festival”.  (you know Washington, Cherry Tree)

This year, I think everyone’s happy to see the name changed back to Good Neighbor Days.


This is the year I’m finally going to try a Cherry Taco!


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