Reverse Glass Painting Technique with Decocolor Markers

I learned the Reverse Glass Technique, a long time ago,  from my Mom who loved to paint.

I believe, when did the reverse glass technique, she used Acrylic Paint on her painting.

For mine, I’m using Deco Color Paint Markers* (affiliate link) from Marvy Uchida.

I use these paint markers all the time on a variety of surfaces.

First thing you’ll want to do is to pick out the image.

For me, the simpler the better.

I picked a free graphic from Coloring Hub. (link below)

Stained Glass Clip Art from Coloring Hub

Reverse Glass Paint #1

1.  Lay Clip Art under glass and trace around image with black Decocolor marker.

Reverse Glass Paint #2

2. Use ruler for outside areas to get those lines straight.  Make sure to leave time for the ink to dry before laying ruler on top the previous line.

Here is the design outlined.  I like using the fine point marker better than the extra fine marker.

Reverse Glass Paint #3

3.  Flip the glass over and do your coloring on the reverse side of the glass.  Make sure to color all the way to the edge of the lines.

Reverse Glass Paint #4

4.  Color in the remaining sections.  Make sure to get the colors as close as possible.  Here is the back of the glass with the full design colored in.

Marvy Uchida also makes a DecoColor Paint Marker Remover* which I absolutely love.  It has saved me on more than one occasion.  It works wonderful to correct any mistakes you make.  I recommend you pick one of those up also.  (FYI:  it also removes alcohol ink from non porous surfaces)

Here’s some interesting history on Reversed Glass Painting.  (it’s been around for a long time)

Reverse Glass with Scrapbook Paper

Here’s another possible way to do a background.  (a more updated version)

Color/Paint only a portion of the image and leave the rest unfinished.

Add a piece of scrapbook paper to the back of the glass before framing.

Shop Amazon Scrapbooking Supplies*

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