Winter Lazies…

Winter LaziesIn January, I came down with a severe case of the “Winter Lazies”.

It was brought on by a combination of Holiday Fatigue, Head cold and Two Snow Days.

All I can say is I had it bad.

Symptoms Include: (but not limited too)

  • not wanting to crawl out of a warm bed
  • hating to leave the house for things like groceries, getting the mail etc.
  • procrastination
  • doing multiple things at one time, but finishing none of them
  • the need to sit on the couch and watch DIY TV, but not making anything
  • spending too much time on the computer

Treatment:  Sunshine, Warm Weather, Tropical Vacation, Time.  Usually clears in a week or two,  almost always by Spring.

My Creative Mojo was really drained.  Thankfully, I’m glad to say, I think I’m finally over it.

I’m excited for February, a whole month of sweetness and I’ve got a lot of projects and

creative things planned to share with you.

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