This Weeks Treasures…

This Weeks Treasures

Now that the weather has finally turned nice(ish),  I’ve decided it’s safe to come out of hibernation.

So I was happy when I got the chance to go out and go treasure hunting.

My daughter was in town (on a Tuesday) and we decided to go visit our favorite Thrift Store.

This time, we let her hubby tag along, he actually spent more money than we did.  So all was good.

When I’m hunting…I’m a pretty picky picker, so it’s got to be good.  (and cheap)

Here’s what I got:

2 small baskets, 3 small rulers, 4 packages of mini rick rack, a small red toile dish and 3 red bound

classic books and a Maya Angelou book.  All for around $7.00.

wood ruler

My favorite of all these treasures was the little wood ruler I picked up for a dime.

It will make a wonderful addition to a project.  Or maybe I’ll just keep it for display.

What do you look for when you go treasure hunting?

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