Festive 3-Tier Serving Stand


Create an elegant Holiday serving stand…

using random thrift store dishes and a Dollar Store candlestick.

Imagine this filled with yummy deserts and treats.


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Here’s what you’ll need to get started:             (*affiliate link)


  • Clean and dry dishes.  Wipe areas where adhesive will be applied with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil left on glass from handling.


  • Run a thin line of adhesive on the top of the glass candlestick and adhere to the bottom of the medium plate.  Let dry.


  • Place jingle bells into glass cordial. Run thin line of adhesive on top of glass cordial.  Adhere to bottom of the smallest plate.  Let dry.

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  • Adhere bottom of glass cordial to center of the medium plate.
  • Adhere bottom of glass candlestick to top center of largest plate.


TIP… Use as three separate pieces or adhere together to create one elegant serving stand.

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Thrifty Tuesdays Really Good Finds…

My Thrifty Finds 7058

We awoke to a rainy un-seasonably cool July morning.  Not really a outdoorsy kind of summer day.

So my daughter and I (since she was in town) went to one of our favorite Thrift Stores.

You know…The kind that is ran by old church ladies and the prices are really cheap.

My very favorite kind.

I found all the items above along with 3 stemmed glassware cordials for only $8.50.


Of all the things that I purchased today (and I love them all) this has to be my favorite.

A creamy white platter with no cracks or crazing for .50 and a bag of old hardware for a dollar.

That totally made my day.

basket pot and box

I almost put all three of these things back.  (total cost $1.50)

Instead I gave the little box to my daughter, and will use the terra cotta pot

with the great patina for a bunch of pink impatiens that need re-potting.

Stephanie And Me Selfie 2

After so much energy on great finds, my daughter and I treated ourselves to a nice lunch

at Potbellys and took a “selfie”.

It doesn’t take much to make us happy.

This Weeks Treasures…

This Weeks Treasures

Now that the weather has finally turned nice(ish),  I’ve decided it’s safe to come out of hibernation.

So I was happy when I got the chance to go out and go treasure hunting.

My daughter was in town (on a Tuesday) and we decided to go visit our favorite Thrift Store.

This time, we let her hubby tag along, he actually spent more money than we did.  So all was good.

When I’m hunting…I’m a pretty picky picker, so it’s got to be good.  (and cheap)

Here’s what I got:

2 small baskets, 3 small rulers, 4 packages of mini rick rack, a small red toile dish and 3 red bound

classic books and a Maya Angelou book.  All for around $7.00.

wood ruler

My favorite of all these treasures was the little wood ruler I picked up for a dime.

It will make a wonderful addition to a project.  Or maybe I’ll just keep it for display.

What do you look for when you go treasure hunting?