After Christmas Family Fun Day

Christmas 2015 3109

I love getting the chance to be with the family on Christmas.  That in itself is a gift.

But… after all the Christmas Craziness is over, we like to take a day and have a little family fun.

I almost enjoy it more than Christmas.  (it’s more relaxed)

Stephanie and Zach Close Up

In my hometown we have a small town square and parked in the square was this cute decorated

wagon.  I knew it was the perfect spot for a family picture.  I just had to wait until everyone was home.

Nick and Bonnie Close Up

The weather was good.  (a little sunshine and a light snow would of been perfect)

It didn’t take much coaxing for me to get them to go.

They’re all good sports.  (they knew I’d pout if they didn’t.)

Stephanie and Zach 3106

Nativity on the Square

After a few pictures, we headed to the local bowling alley for a Family Bowling Night.

It’d been exactly a year since I’d bowled.

Warren Bowling

The kids even got in on the action.

Nicholas Bowling

Justin Stephanie and Zach Bowling

Bonnie and Warren Bowling

After spending such a nice and perfect day with the family, we woke to a winter ice and sleet storm.

So… today I will be staying in, relaxing and hopefully reading the new book I picked up.

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing start to the New Year.




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