And the Winners are….


Congratulations to the following ladies who were randomly chosen after leaving a comment on the post “Every Card Maker’s Dilemma and a Crazy Embarrassing Give-Away”.

I will be mailing out your Priority Envelope full of cards this week.

Thank You to everyone who left a comment.  (that was fun)

sherry varga

I would love your cards, I am a cardmaker also and I know your dilemma. I donate my cards to several charities and if I won yours, that is what I would do with them……Of course, I would enjoy them for a while first!!!

Jill R Buehrer Wolfe AKA Mac Aughney on FB

I would love to have them!! First to browse through for inspiration and then share them with my Hospice clients… Either for them directly or for them to give to family and friends as often they’re unable to get out and get their own cards. Thanks ever so much for the opportunity!!

Wendy Eldredge

I won’t pass them off as my own, but I will give them away! (I love your name….it’s almost mine)

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