Crafting with Kids: Serenity’s Craft Bag

Serenity's Craft Supplies 2

When it comes to craft supplies for some reason people tend to refer to me.

So when I heard that my 5 year old niece was looking for beads and craft supplies for her

birthday, I jumped all over that one.

Serenity's Crafting Supplies 4207

I had a small 8″ x 8″ canvas bag from Canvas Corps and iron-on letters from Creating with Joy.

Who doesn’t like a personalized bag, to let everyone know just who’s bag it is?

I filled Serenity’s bag with a divided container full of beads and gave her paintbrushes,

pom poms, craft stems and pink scissors.  (Things a typical 5 year old might need.)

True story…

Sad Nick Face

One Sunday, my 5 year old grandson, said to me, “Grandma, let’s do a project.”

I looked him straight in the eyes and said…

“Do I look like the kind of Grandma that does projects?”

He gave me the saddest look, not knowing what to say.

Happy Nick Face

When his mom started laughing, a big smile emerged.

I can’t remember if we did a project or not.

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