My favorite night of the week…

If you could choose any night of the week, which would be your favorite?

For me…Tuesday nights is my favorite night of the week.

Nobody wants anything from me, nobody needs me and I can selfishly watch all my favorite shows.

I don’t even cook.  It’s my night.

I don’t have many shows that “I have” to watch on TV.  If I miss one, “no big deal”.

But Tuesdays?  That’s a different story.

Between Fixer Upper and This is Us.  I’m one contented girl. 

All my favorite shows now wrapped up into one entertaining night.


Last month, when asked for a Christmas list, I put The Magnolia Story* on my list.

I have been a fan of the show Fixer Upper since the beginning.

I love the sweet way these two have with each other.

 (*affiliate link)

Last week I finally got the chance to sit down and read The Magnolia Story*.

The book didn’t disappoint.  I can honestly say, I love them even more!

You might say they’ve been blessed along the way.  Which would be true.

Their journey wasn’t easy.

But…with faith, dedication and determination they made it through even better.

Between their non-sugar coated stories and Chips crazy antics it’s just a fun read.

If you’re a fan of the show, I’m sure you’ll love the book.



*I am an Amazon Affiliate.  If you choose to make a purchase using the above link, I will get a small commission that helps offsets the cost of running this blog.  Thanks!

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