Berry Boxes and Bunny Bubbles

Berry Baskets for my Grandsons…

This year, I decided to get a little creative with the boys Easter present.

I recently received these cute little berry baskets from Leisure Arts and decided to use them

for the boys instead of traditional Easter baskets.  (see Leisure Arts Ad below)

I painted the berry boxes with acrylic paint.  I made tags with each of the boys names and

tied the tags on to the boxes with color coordinated twine.  (simple, simple, simple)

My daughter recently told me…

she never forgot the year I made their Playdoh containers into Easter Bunnies.

I had forgotten all about it.   (sounds like something I’d do)

Apparently it had made an impression on her.

So inspired by the memory… I made plain old bubble containers into “Bunny Bubbles”.

To make the Bubble Bunnies…

  • Remove the label that came onto the bottle.
  • Measure and cut a piece of white felt to go around the side of the bottle.
  • Use a craft glue and apply glue around the area on the bottle where the felt will go.  (It’s easier to apply the glue to the bottle than the felt.)  Wrap felt around bottle and secure into place.
  • For the bowtie…Wrap and glue ribbon around the top of the felt.  Create a little bow from additional ribbon and glue to cover  the ribbon seam.
  • Glue small buttons on the seam of the felt.
  • Cut two ears out of white felt.  Color the center of the ears with a light pink marker.  Glue ears onto the top of the lid.
  • Glue googly eyes and a small pink triangle nose onto the side of the lid.  (Add whiskers under the nose if you like.)
  • Glue a small white pom pom on the back for a bunny butt.

A fun little addition to the berry box.

And…Maybe, just maybe, they’ll remember the year grandma made  bunny bubbles.


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