Sizzix Holiday Blowout Sale

Enabler Alert!
Just in case you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas.   (you’re welcome)

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5 thoughts on “Sizzix Holiday Blowout Sale

  1. Deborah Berryman says:

    Hi, Sue—I have tried to find out just how much hand strength is needed for the Sizzix. I’ve never gotten an answer. I’d love to hear your opinion! I have arthritis in both hands & I’d hate to spend the money only to find out I can’t use it.
    Thank you very much!

    • seldred2 says:

      I use the big shot. It has a hand crank. I don’t think it uses much hand strength. Although if you use it to cut a lot of stuff you might get tired of cranking. I hope this helps.

    • seldred2 says:

      I reread your comment. I’m not sure your pain level or strength. The cranking uses the same motion as driving a car. Do you live close to a independent scrapbook store? They may have one in their classroom that you could try out.

      • Deborah Berryman says:

        Thank you! I read both of your responses & the thought of a scrapbook store never crossed my mind. I will look into that & I do drive so hopefully I’ll be able to use one. I love the ideas that you come up with so I really want to look into getting some of the “tools” you use in those fun crafts!
        Thank you again for responding–you’re the only one that has & I tried to contact through the direct Sizzix site to get some type of idea about how hard they might be to operate.
        Sincerely, Deb Berryman

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