Fun & Easy Felt Projects to make her smile.

Pretty Little Dress Up Purse

Today I’m sharing a couple of Fun & Easy Felt Projects that is sure to make her smile.

Kunin Challenge

I was recently sent a variety of felt from Kunin along with some great glues from

Beacon Adhesives and buttons from Buttons Galore & More

for a Designer Craft Connection September Blog Hop. Pretty little Purse Collage

My First Project is a cute little dress up purse made with just three pieces of felt.


  1. Glue the edges of two pieces of felt together with Fabri Tac glue from Beacon Adhesives.
  2. Fold over in thirds and glue sides together.  (see above picture)  Binder clips works great to keep everything secure while drying.
  3. Glue a piece of lace to the underneath side of the felt flap.
  4. Cut a button-hole and sew on a big black button.
  5. Cut 8 small petal shapes from Black Glitterfelt™.
  6. Simply quick stitch the petals together. (see above picture)
  7. Gather both ends of the thread together and tie with a knot.
  8. Glue a Fancy Button from Buttons Galore & More into the center to finish off the flower.  My button was originally gold.  I used a silver paint pen on my button to make it silver.
  9. Glue finished flower onto flap of purse.
  10. Punch a couple of holes on each side of the purse with a Crop-a-dile punch and string black cording for the handle.

Felt Heart

Did you know that you can easily die-cut felt?

The love heart pillow was made using White Classicfelt™ and Princess Hearts Fancifelt™ with a large heart die and alphabet dies.  One side of the heart has the white felt, the other has the Princess Hearts felt.  I cut one of the small hearts from the Princess Hearts felt to use as my “o”.  The pink flower on top was made the same as the above black glitter flower except that I used 6 petals instead of 8.

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DCC: Crafting with School Supplies

My Favorite Album

Every since I was a young girl, I have always loved shopping for back to school supplies.

In my family there were 5 kids.  My Mom had to save all summer for this.

It was always a big deal picking out a new outfit and getting supplies.

So when it came time to buy back to school supplies for my kids, I always tried to make it a special day.

I always feel bad for the kids whose mom is going down the aisle stressed and complaining.

That mom just doesn’t get it.  (she’s probably the mom who’s complaining in June)

Now that my son is in High School, back to school shopping isn’t quite the same.

But…I still stop and check things out.

l stock up on glue sticks, theme books and any little thing that I think I can use for my crafting

endeavors.  (I still have lined notebook paper and folders from several years ago.)

Index cards

For my Favorite Things Album, I picked up some inexpensive index cards for .48 at Wal-Mart.

When binding my book, I allowed enough space for two rows of cards.

Inside of Favorite Album 2

Now, I can list favorite recipes, books, quotes.  (anything goes)

Source:  Paper and Stickers from Authentique Papers “Favorite” Collection.

This month’s Designer Craft Connection theme is :  Crafting with School Supplies.

Look for the Designer Craft Connection Logo to start hopping.

Beach Party Dessert

A perfect little Beach Themed Dessert for your Summertime Parties.

Beach Party Dessert

I decided to make this fun little treat for our 4th of July cook-out last Friday night.

I didn’t come up with this cute idea.   I found it online.  (I wish I could give proper credit.)

It’s really fast and easy to make.

  1. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to vanilla pudding for the water.
  2. Crush up vanilla cookies for the sand.
  3. Add a piece of flattened candy for the beach towel.
  4. Place a Teddy Graham sunning on the towel
  5. Add a drink umbrella for shade.

I had the hardest time finding little drink umbrellas.  After trying two stores, I decided

that I’d just make my own.  For my umbrellas, I used a 3″ scalloped circle punch and cut a

notch half way up into the circle.  Just glue the ends together.

For the pole, I used approximately half of a bamboo skewer.

Quick & Easy Washi Tape Vase

Today’s the first Monday of the month time for the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop.

The Theme this month is Handmade Gift Ideas.  (don’t forget to hop)

Quick & Easy Washi Tape Vase

My project today is a fun, quick & easy project that you can make in minutes.

This would make a great last minute gift.

Washi Tape Vase Close Up  Washi Tape Vase Details

I started with a narrow glass bottle that has a fairly long straight section.

Wrap the bottle with Washi Tape.  Choose two patterns or more.

Having a straight section is important to getting the washi tape on evenly.

You can smooth out any wrinkles in the tape with your thumb nail or a bone folder.

I added a little more detail around the neck of the bottle with some ribbon and a button.

I picked up the ribbon this Spring at The Paper Source in Indianapolis.  (I’ll be hoarding this)

I glued the button onto a Memo Pin* from Tim Holtz and stuck into the ribbon.

Grab a flower from the garden and your ready to go.  It really is that easy.

Just a note in case you’re wondering:

The tape on the vase, just like the flower won’t last for ever.  It’s just pretty.

*Disclosure:  I am a Amazon Affiliate.