Sledding Fun

Sledding Fun Collage

Yesterday was finally warm enough for a little sledding.

Our back yard has just the right incline, perfect run for a four year old.

After about a half hour both he and his Mom was done.

Nicholas Sledding with Watermark 1069

I took 100 pictures of him sledding.  These are some of my favorites.

I love the new camera I got for my birthday/Christmas present.

I received the Sony SLT-A58, I’m loving the clarity a better camera provides.

We purchased the camera the week-end after Thanksgiving.

I’ve taken over 1100 pictures already.  (love it)

Happy Sunday Everyone.  Have a great Day!

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile…

Autumn Trees with watermark

I’d love Autumn even more if it’d turn right back into Spring.

I’ve been saying for days, I need to take a picture of these beautiful trees.

Yesterday morning, we got about an hour of beautiful sunshine between the rain and clouds.

So… I ran right out to take this picture.

I love all the vibrant colors.

(This is the view I used to have out my bathroom window until they put a couple houses in my way.)

Have a great day!

Dancing in the Rain…

Dancing in the rain

I usually don’t mind a little rain… especially when I don’t have to drive in it.

But seriously folks, yesterday’s rain was a little bit more like Monsoon Season.  (in the Midwest?)

Since I’m getting over bronchitis, I didn’t dance in the rain.

Still… I managed to find beauty in it.  (I took this picture out my bedroom window.)

Visiting St. Joe

Silver Beach Lighthouse

With not much summer left before school starts next week, we planned a mini vacation to the beautiful town of St. Joseph, Michigan.  With life happening yet again, we were only able to get two days.

So….we packed as much fun as possible in the little time we had.  We sat on the beach and laid in the sun, walked down the beach to check out the lighthouse and pier, ate a wonderful Italian dinner, visited fun shops, bought ice cream and desert, then watched the sun go down.  (and that was just day 1)

Justin fishing in St. Joe

The next day as the guys fished off the Pier, I sat on the beach.  I closed my eyes and pretended I was at the ocean.  With the temperature only being 63 degrees, we didn’t stay long.

Sue in St. Joe 3

Next, we headed off for a rooftop lunch.  After lunch we went to the Fun park where Justin hit balls in the batting cages, raced go carts (I won) and then a round of mini golf.  We looked up a local winery, tasted a few and then off to find a new beach.  Still chilly, we only stayed 45 minutes while I soaked up as much beach as I could.  Then off towards Chicago and a quick dinner and then back home again.

This was my first time visiting St. Joseph, I definitely want to go again.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

This Spring I planted one of my pots with a red white and blue theme.

I thought it was a fitting prop for my Patriotic Star.

What a perfectly beautiful day.

Today’s Plans: 

Relaxing, Cook-out with family and then off to the Fireworks tonight.

Happy Birthday America!

Baby Birds

Look who I saw peeking out of my hanging basket this morning.

Almost ready to leave the nest.

Sowing seeds of Love

Mini Garden Double Layout

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with someone you love.

I knew as soon as I saw the pictures from “Nick and Grandma’s Mini Garden”, our special project, they would make wonderful scrapbook pages.   (see the original post here)  Lucky for me, my design team packet for The Paper Forest was the garden themed collection “Herbs & Honey” from Basic Grey.

I choose to keep the layouts simple with a focus on the story and the pictures.

Garden Layout #1Mini Garden Layout #2

It’s that time of year again.

It's that time of year again

Mothers Day week-end for me is the start of my gardening season.

My lilacs are blooming and everything smells wonderful! (which makes me very happy)

One of my Mothers Day gifts every year is a day filled with labor.  (kind of fitting don’t you think?)

My guys spent all day on Saturday helping me move bushes, plant shrubs and put in my flowers.

We went to three different places to get everything we needed.  (and I still need more)

I think my youngest is a budding landscape architect.

He worked so hard and was so motivated.  He loves working in the yard and takes great pride in it.

For the past three years, he’s had a wiffle ball field in the yard.  He keeps it extremely manicured.

Spring Collage 2014

On Mothers Day, we usually go to the park, pick up chicken and have a picnic with the whole family.

This year, the weather called for a chance of rain all day.  So, I decided to have it at my house.

Would you believe just a couple sprinkles?  Didn’t even move us inside.

I had a wonderful and productive Mothers Day week-end.