Nick and Grandma’s Mini Garden

A few weeks ago, Nick and I talked about making a special project.

I decided we should make a miniature garden for him to help me take care of.

Saturday, my little buddy came over to help me work on it.

Garden Tools

We had previously collected moss, sticks, bark and rocks for our project.

I added some mini plants (for fairy gardens), potting soil, a small park bench, tiny garden fence,

green spray bottle and a set of teeny tiny tools.

While cleaning out the garage a couple of weeks ago, I almost threw out this rusty broken

wagon.  I’m so glad I decided to keep it.   It was perfect for our mini garden.

Nick with Tools

All I needed was one excited 3 1/2 year old to help me.

Nick working in the garden

I added a piece of paper towel over the holes in the bottom of the wagon and we filled it

with potting soil.  I added the small fence, large flat rock and bench.  I let Nick finish the rest.

Nick loved digging in the dirt and adding the plants.

Garden Close Up

We put rocks around the little fence and even added a chicken to our garden.

Nick watering the tulips

Occasionally, Nick had to stop and water other things.  Like my tulips.

Grandma and Nick's Special Garden w watermark

I don’t know who was more excited about the garden, him or me.

picnic lunch

Since, grandpa had brought the little white picnic table up from the barn.

Nick decided we needed to have a picnic lunch.  All in all, a day very well spent.

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8 thoughts on “Nick and Grandma’s Mini Garden

  1. Madeline Arendt says:

    What a great idea for a mini garden. Since I no longer have a good size yard for gardening this is an idea that is so adaptable – fun to share with my two little granddaughters.

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