Spooky Scary Halloween Card

Open if You Dare!

Here’s a spooky card for all you Halloween Lovers.

If you love a card with dimension, this card has a lot of spooky goodness.

The Spooky Scary Halloween Card was made using the “Spooky Scary” stamp and die set from

The Maker’s Movement.

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Materials Used:            (*affiliate link)

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My process for making cards sometimes changes as I sit down to create.  I was getting into this

one and decided to forgo all the step by step pictures.  Instead, I will give you lots of details.

Here’s one tip I highly suggest.  (Especially with the skeleton die.)

Run the white card-stock through the Xyron Create-A-Sticker Machine* before cutting out the

skeleton die.  The Xyron Create-A-Sticker Machine* puts adhesive on the back of the

card-stock, making the skeleton pieces stickers.  By making stickers, adhering the skeleton

to the coffin was so much easier than using liquid glue.

  • I cut a piece of double-sided adhesive foam large enough to cut the casket shape.  I adhered a piece of gray card-stock to one side of the foam before die-cutting.
  • To cut the casket shape.  Place the casket die on the foam and run it through the Crossover II Die-Cutting Machine.  Because the foam is so thick, you may want to run it back and forth a couple of times to make sure the die cuts entirely through the foam.
  • Another good tip…Use a black chisel tip paint marker* to color the sides of the craft foam.

  • The lid of the casket was made by sticking two pieces of black patterned scrapbook paper together and die-cutting the scrapbook paper with the casket die. (I used the Xyron Sticker Maker)
  • Adhere a piece of scrapbook paper onto a piece of adhesive foam.
  • Using the casket outline die, cut a casket outline from the foam. Stick the casket outline on the inside of the lid.
  • Fold two small pieces of paper to use as the hinges. Glue only the top and bottom of the hinges. Not on the side of the casket.

  • Before sticking the casket onto the layered card base, attach a thin black string onto the back of the casket.
  • If you don’t have black string, put a little black paint between your thumb and index finger and run the string through the paint.  Voila, black string.
  • Tie string around the casket to keep the lid closed.



How to make a Christmas Tree in a Bottle Necklace


How to make a Christmas Tree in a Bottle Necklace

I got this idea from a project I’d seen made by Tim Holtz.  Of course, I had to find a cheaper way to make it.  I’ve seen small bottles like these at Hobby Lobby with the jewelry supplies.  (I got mine online.)

Very Important…Make sure the base of the tree is small enough to fit in the top of the bottle.

Materials Used:  (*affiliate link)

 Dollar Tree-Everything always $1 – Shop Now*

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  1. Squirt several drops of peeled paint ink* into the mini mister* and dilute it with water.
  2. Place a bleached bottle brush tree onto a protective surface.  Generously spray the tree with the diluted ink.  (You may want to wear rubber gloves.  I took 3 days until the ink came entirely off my fingers.)
  3. After the tree is dry, rub glitter glue* onto the tree.  Allow glitter glue to fully dry before continuing.
  4. Apply a small bit of all-purpose adhesive* onto the end of the Q-tip.  Insert the Q-tip into the bottle and add the glue to the bottom center of the bottle.
  5. Using the reverse grip tweezers, insert the tree into the bottle, and stick onto the glue.
  6. Pour glitter or micro beads into the bottle.
  7. Add a thin layer of adhesive around the side of the cork and place it back into the bottle.
  8. Screw a loop screw onto the top of the cork and add a necklace.

If you’re feeling a little funky…how about making your tree pink or purple? 

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