DIY Mini Ketchup Bottle Snow Globe from recycled materials

Creating a Snow Globe from a Mini Ketchup Bottle

A little Holiday up-cycling project for my fellow collectors (aka savers).

When you order room service at some hotels you get these little glass condiment jars.

When my husband used to travel he’d occasional bring them home.  (I’ve trained him well.)

Add in a few miscellaneous supplies and I had the start of a cute little snow globe.

There are several options to use as a base.  Old hardware pieces, vintage Jello molds.

My brother once gave me several of the little brass pieces shown in the picture above.

I recently asked him what they are for.  (they are escutcheon plates)

He told me when he worked on houses and would put in the towel bars in the bathrooms

they would come with the option of either a chrome or brass escutcheon.

(back when chrome and brass was popular together)  And…now you know.

To Make the Mini Ketchup Bottle Snowglobe:

  • I gave the brass piece and the lid of the ketchup bottle a light sanding and sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Colonial Red*.  (my favorite red)  It might take a couple coats.
  • This was the hard part for me.  Allow the paint to fully dry before handling.  (trust me)
  • Using Super Glue*, glue a small bottle brush Christmas tree (found at most craft stores) on the inside of the ketchup bottle lid.  Make sure that the base of the tree is not larger than the opening of the bottle.
  • Glue large flat button to the bottom of the jar.  (or is it the top of the snow globe) Glue a decorative button to the white button to add height and extra prettiness.
  • Add a small amount of white glitter or fake snow to your bottle and screw on the lid with Christmas tree.
  • Glue ketchup bottle lid to painted brass base using  Super Glue*
  • Wrap a Craft Pine Stem* around the neck of the bottle and glue in place.
  • Tie a ribbon around neck of bottle.
  • Glue small snowflake embellishment.

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