How to make a Christmas Tree in a Bottle Necklace


Christmas Tree in a Bottle Necklace

I got this idea from a project I’d seen made by Tim Holtz.

Of course, I had to find a cheaper way to make it.

I’ve seen small bottles like these at Hobby Lobby with the jewelry supplies.  (I got mine online.)

I picked up small bleached trees at Michael’s.

Very Important…You need to make sure the base of the tree is small enough to fit in the

top of the bottle.

How to make a Christmas Tree in a Bottle Necklace:                                    (*affiliate link)

  1. I used a re-inker, Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker, Peeled Paint*, and diluted it with water in Ranger Inkssentials Mini Misters*.  I sprayed each tree generously with the diluted ink.  (it took 3 days until the ink came off of all my fingers)
  2. After the tree was dry I rubbed Ranger Stickles Glitter Glue, Diamond*on the tree.  Allow glitter glue to fully dry on the tree before continuing.
  3. Apply a small bit of Quick Grip All Purpose Permanent Adhesive* on the end of the Q-tip.  Insert Q-tip into bottle and add the glue to the bottom center of the bottle.
  4. Insert tree into bottle and stick onto the glue.
  5. Pour glitter or micro beads into bottle.
  6. Screw loop screw into top of the cork and add necklace.  I added glue around the side of the cork before putting it back into the bottle.

If you’re feeling a little funky…how about making your tree pink or purple? 

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