Crafting with Nick…Under the Sea

Nick’s back with a fun project using the June Orange Art Box.

I think this month’s kit has been our favorite Orange Art Box so far.

The theme for the June Box is “Under the Sea” and Nick had a really fun

time creating his fish inspired Shadow Box.

Check out Nick’s video below.

The Orange Art Box is a subscription art box for kids.

*Disclosure:  “This is a sponsored post.  I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas.  The views and opinions are my own.”   

Nick’s finished project.

I think the Shadow Box would make a great vacation memory project with a cute beach

photograph included inside the frame.

Mr. Elfsnail’s Garden

Mr. Elfsnail's Garden 8202

This marks the third summer since Nicholas and I started the tradition of creating our

Mini Garden.  And…as we exclaim every year…  “this one’s our favorite”.  (it really is!)

Each year we like to add something new and different for our garden.

It has been noted, that at some point, we may have to get a bigger wagon.

Mr. Elfsnail 8140

Our Garden has never had an official occupant.

So, this year we added Mr. Elfsnail.  (named by Nicholas for obvious reasons)

We picked him up along with a wishing well and a pair frogs at our local Hobby Lobby.

Nick and I (mostly Nick) spent the evening before laying out the garden on the kitchen counter.

We like having a plan and being prepared.

Nick had me outside working on the garden by 7:45 a.m. the next morning.

Have I ever mentioned I’m not a morning person?

adding the water feature

For those of you that may not know about our garden, you can read about

the original garden here.

For our garden…we start with an old broken rusty wagon.

After arranging the fence and arbor, Nick quickly set off to work adding a new water feature

using a small, round, black dish (from a microwave desert) into the dirt.

this is how my other grandma told me to get them out

Now that he’s five and a very confident gardener….he didn’t need any help placing the plants.

the path

The “plan” was to add a small path to the new wishing well using crushed shells.

the path now a beach

And because more is always better… MORE CRUSHED SHELLS.

It’s starting to look a little more like a beach.

We added cocoa bean shells around the plants to make it looks nice.  (love the smell)

the frogs

N ♥ S

That just warms my heart.

Even though it should be Nick loves Grandma instead of Nick loves Sue.

(Maybe he named the frogs after us?)

Wishing Well

Nick loved adding water to the wishing well and making sure it worked.

admiring the garden

Our Finished Garden.

Nick and Mr. Elfsnail's Garden with insert

This really is such a fun project to do with kids.

You don’t need anything fancy to use for a container.

And you know what?  I enjoy making it as much as him and maybe even more.

It’s important to take time and do something together.  (Planting the gardening seed.)

Making memories… My buddy and me.

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Nick’s Garden Caddy (for Easter)

Nick's Garden Caddy 5510

As soon I walked into Target, a few weeks ago, I was stopped in my tracks by their adorable gardening

supplies for kids.  (in the one spot area)  I am a sucker for cute little things.

Sweet little metal tools and polka dot gardening gloves (oh my) and when I found the plain wood

caddy…  I knew exactly what I wanted to use for Nicholas’ Easter basket.

Nicholas, as you may know, is my gardening buddy.

Wood Caddy 5459 2

Instead of leaving the caddy plain (what fun would that be), I decided to paint and personalize the

caddy with a chalkboard on one side and his name on the other.

(I used Deco Art Urban Ink Stencil, 6″ by 9″, Sea Dogto stencil on his name.)

Back of Nick's Garden Caddy 5538

I went back to Target last week to see if I could find another wood caddy but sadly they were all out.

If you happen to spy one at your Target make sure to grab one, they make wonderful paint caddies.

Wood Caddy with Paint 5462

Along with the Gardening supplies, I added tie-dye chalk (for the chalkboard), jelly bellys, a light up

ball and of course marshmallow peeps.

Nick's Garden Caddy Haul 5493

And… I didn’t forget little brother Warren.  (I picked up all these goodies at Target)

Warren's Easter Bucket 5545

In case your wondering… No this isn’t a sponsored post for Target.  (but I wish it was)


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Sledding Fun

Sledding Fun Collage

Yesterday was finally warm enough for a little sledding.

Our back yard has just the right incline, perfect run for a four year old.

After about a half hour both he and his Mom was done.

Nicholas Sledding with Watermark 1069

I took 100 pictures of him sledding.  These are some of my favorites.

I love the new camera I got for my birthday/Christmas present.

I received the Sony SLT-A58, I’m loving the clarity a better camera provides.

We purchased the camera the week-end after Thanksgiving.

I’ve taken over 1100 pictures already.  (love it)

Happy Sunday Everyone.  Have a great Day!

A productive day

I enjoyed my snow day yesterday.  (Didn’t leave the house.)

I worked on these layouts off and on all day.

Funny how something so simple can take so long.

all boy layout with new watermark

The first layout is of my sweet grandson Nick.  (fall of 2012)

The second layout is of Nick and his new little brother Warren.

My daughter-in-law was taking Christmas Eve pictures and we got this crazy idea to take

“Elf on the Shelf” pictures with the little guy.

Of course, Big Brother Nick wanted to get in on the action.

Glad to get these pictures on a page.

elf on the shelf with new watermark

The papers and stickers are from Jillibean Soup.