Nick’s Garden Caddy (for Easter)

Nick's Garden Caddy 5510

As soon I walked into Target, a few weeks ago, I was stopped in my tracks by their adorable gardening

supplies for kids.  (in the one spot area)  I am a sucker for cute little things.

Sweet little metal tools and polka dot gardening gloves (oh my) and when I found the plain wood

caddy…  I knew exactly what I wanted to use for Nicholas’ Easter basket.

Nicholas, as you may know, is my gardening buddy.

Wood Caddy 5459 2

Instead of leaving the caddy plain (what fun would that be), I decided to paint and personalize the

caddy with a chalkboard on one side and his name on the other.

(I used Deco Art Urban Ink Stencil, 6″ by 9″, Sea Dogto stencil on his name.)

Back of Nick's Garden Caddy 5538

I went back to Target last week to see if I could find another wood caddy but sadly they were all out.

If you happen to spy one at your Target make sure to grab one, they make wonderful paint caddies.

Wood Caddy with Paint 5462

Along with the Gardening supplies, I added tie-dye chalk (for the chalkboard), jelly bellys, a light up

ball and of course marshmallow peeps.

Nick's Garden Caddy Haul 5493

And… I didn’t forget little brother Warren.  (I picked up all these goodies at Target)

Warren's Easter Bucket 5545

In case your wondering… No this isn’t a sponsored post for Target.  (but I wish it was)


*This post uses Amazon Affiliate links.  I am a Amazon affiliate.

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