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An old tradition that has been gaining popularity with brides is the Wedding Wish Tree.

The Wish Tree is a Dutch Wedding custom where the guests are given a piece of paper, either shaped like a leaf or tag made of cardstock.  When the guests arrive at the reception, they write their wishes to the happy couple and then hang them on the tree using ribbon, clips or string.

The Wish Tree will make a attractive centerpiece and a great statement to wow your guests.  It can also be used as an alternative to a traditional guest book.  Can’t you just see branches painted white with twinkle lights full of wonderful wishes.

Casual, Elegant, Rustic or Baubles and Beads.  Individualize your tree, the possibilities are endless. While Wedding sites on the internet suggest that Manzanita branches are the best to use, for those more creative souls, let your imagination run wild. The style is up you.

Why stop at weddings?   The Wish Tree could be used for any special occasion.

Marvy Uchida

  • Clever Lever Extra Jumbo Scalloped Circle Punch
  • Clever Lever Extra Jumbo Scalloped Heart Punch
  • Clever Lever Extra Giga Merchandise Tag Punch

Additional Supplies:                (*affiliate link)


Making the flower is easy. 

  1. Punch six cream scallop circles.
  2. Using a ink applicator, ink the edge of each scallop circle with the Tea Rose ink.
  3. Mist the circles with water, allowing ink to run.
  4. Stack all the circles together and pierce a hole the the center of all circles.  Attach circles with small brad.
  5. Starting with the top circle,  carefully scrunch the circle to the center.  One by one, continue scrunching the circles until you have a small paper wad.
  6. Gently unfold the circles to start forming the flower.
  7. For extra color, apply a little more ink to the tip of the flower.  This can be done while the flower is still damp or wait until it has dried.  Allow flower to dry.
  8. Punch two cream scalloped hearts.
  9. Ink hearts with Peeled Paint Distress Ink.
  10. Mist hearts and scrunch in your hand.  Carefully unfold.
  11. Glue dried leaf underneath the flower.  Another alternative for the leaf is to pinch the two rounded ends of the heart using the pointed end as the tip of the leaf.

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