Ugly Chair Make-Over

Ugly Chair Before

I picked up this ugly green chair last fall at a garage sale for only one dollar.

The man who sold it to me that morning wanted to hurry up and sell it before his wife came home

from taking the kids to school and changed her mind.

To him, it was an ugly chair.  To me, I saw possibilities.

As luck would have it, the very same week-end, I picked up a wonderful length of red and cream

ticking fabric for 50 cents.  It was perfect, it was meant to be.

But…because I just couldn’t cut the lovely fabric just yet,

I left the project in the garage to marinate over the winter.

Beautiful Chair After

I discovered in the process of recovering the chair that it used to have a red velvet seat.  (yuck!)

It was gross.  I took everything off and added new foam before re-covering the seat.

The chair was glued, reinforced and painted with red paint left over from previous projects.

Last night I put the final coat of red paint on the chair.  (red takes a lot of coats)

I just love it.  Now to find the perfect spot.  Maybe my workshop.

Total cost on the project $4.50.  Not to bad of a bargain.  (Pretty resourceful if I say so myself.)

I can’t decide it I should leave it as is or add some kind of stencil design in the middle.  Thoughts?

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