If I were to make a December Daily….

Simple Stories Album

If I were to make a December Daily Album,

December 1st would of looked something like this….


I spent the better part of the day, yesterday, looking at the dozens,

maybe hundreds of “Cyber Monday Specials” in my Inbox.

Completely overwhelming.  So many things to look at.

At one time last night I had 8 tabs open with items I was considering.

At 11:30 last night, I finally placed an order.

Just one?  Yes, just one, and even that one I’m not sure about.

You see, I have a problem hitting that button, putting the item in the cart,

the whole commitment.  Wondering did I make the right decision?

With all those sales… Is today the best deal?  Or will tomorrow’s be better?

It’s tough for a gal like me.

So if I were to write an entry for December 2, it would be…

Take one day at a time and enjoy the Holidays.  (It always gets done.)


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