The Decorations are down… Now what?

Winter Lamp 990


the time of the year when decorating in excess is completely acceptable.

It's the most Wonderful TIme of the Year

A time when every surface is thoughtfully decorated.

Taking down the ornaments 996

I usually wait until the day the kids go back to school to take the decorations down.

What took a whole day to decorate, comes down in just one evening.  (it’s kind of sad)

The house is starting to look empty with that big old tree out of the corner.

Now What?

the first snow of the season 974

Yesterday, we had our first significant snow of the season.

Everything is coated in a beautiful white.  A clean slate.

It made me think…

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the house can’t still look warm and cozy.

Why not leave out any winter decoration that doesn’t scream Christmas?

The red berry spray, the snowflake pillow, the snowmen, the lanterns.

It’s Winter….  it’s going to be around for the next several months.

So while we’re hibernating indoors this winter, let’s make it COZY.

Why not celebrate it.

I’ve decided…. the mini sleds are staying up on the mantel and I’m decorating

with a Winter theme.  (who’s with me?)

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